The mission of the Health Services Division, Health, Safety and WorkLife (HSWL) Department, Base Portsmouth is to provide quality health care for active duty personnel to maintain fitness for duty. We will also provide authorized health care services for family members and retirees to the maximum extent permitted by law and resources.

For Emergencies Dial 911, then 333 for Security

Health Services Division Phone List
Appointments/Information (757) 483-8596
Duty HS (757) 334-1056
Pharmacy (757) 483-8600
Medical/Dental Supply (757) 483-8601
Patient Affairs (757) 483-3457
Clinic Supervisor (757) 483-8462
Clinic Administrator (757) 483-8557


 Hours of Operation:
 Monday - Friday 0700-1530 
 Closed Wednesday afternoons for staff training


As part of an ongoing trend in Coast Guard healthcare, we are now operating under an all-appointment based system of patient management. Instead of seeing patients that walk in that day in a group at a certain time (sick call); the clinic reserves a number of same day acute appointments for patients who are ill that day. Please call in the morning for one of these appointments. Patients are NOW REQUIRED to call (instead of walk in) 483-8596 and obtain time to report. The telephone appointment lines open at 0700. This system has been demonstrated to decrease waiting time and improve customer service. AT NO TIME WILL AN URGENTLY ILL OR URGENTLY INJURED PATIENT BE REFUSED TREATMENT.


  • You must check in at the front desk 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time of your appointment.
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late you will be given the option to reschedule your appointment.
  • If you are unable to keep your appointment please call to cancel within 24 hours.
  • If you are a NO-SHOW for a scheduled appointment; your Supervisor will be notified of any missed appointment.


Dental examinations are required ANNUALLY for Coast Guard Active Duty. Dental exams are now scheduled by appointment only. Please call the appointment desk at (757) 483-8596.


Immunizations are administered on a walk-in basis Monday through Friday from 0730-1100 and 1230-1500, except Wednesday afternoons when the clinic is closed for professional staff training. Patients will be required to stay in the clinic for 15 minutes after receiving any immunization to ensure they do not have a reaction to the shot.

Patients can check their current immunization status on CG Central.


Active Duty or Reserve by appointment only. We provide a full range of required and routine physical examinations.

Physical Health Assessment:

The PHA has replaced routine 3 & 5 year (Triennial & Quinquennial) physical examination. Every CG member will receive a PHA annually during the member's birth month. If the member will not be available during their month, the PHA may be performed up to 2 months prior to their birth month.

  • As per ALCOAST 105/10 Reservists are required to schedule annual PHA through the HEALTH READINESS PROGRAM (RHRP) at (888) 697-4299.
  • Please read and follow directions from the Word document when scheduling your ANNUAL PHA

Biennial Aviation

Required every 2 years after the initial designation in aviation or LSO until age 48. Call for availability.


Required for all aviation personnel age 50 or older.


Required annually after being initially enrolled into the program.


Required within 12 months prior to original appointment as an officer.


Required within 12 months of separation to separation.


Gynecology services are available by appointment. Call 757-483-8596 to schedule an appointment.


  • Pharmacy services are available Monday - Friday 0730-1130 and 1300-1530, Wednesday 0730-1130. Prescriptions from other Military Treatment Facilities or civilian providers are welcome for items we stock.

  • Have your doctor call the pharmacy at 757-483-8600 to check medication availability or you can download a copy of the clinic's formulary (Pharmacy Formulary Listing).
  • The Pharmacy policy states that a Pharmacy Officer must be physically present in order to fill prescriptions from OUTSIDE providers not billeted or assigned to Base Portsmouth Clinic.
  • The pharmacy offers an "over-the-counter" program that provides some medications without prescription. These items are limited to two items per family per week. You can check the medication that are available by going to the OTC Link.


Must be requested ahead of time by calling 757-638-2490 and following the prompts.


If this clinic is not the custodian of your health record, you must bring your record with you to ensure continuity of care and permit proper documentation of health care services. In accordance with COMDTINST M6000.1 (Series); Active Duty members are not permitted at any time to maintain their own health records.


The clinic maintains a duty section that may render urgent care to active duty personnel only. For other after hours care, patients should go to the nearest Military Treatment Facility, or for emergencies go to the nearest emergency room. All active duty patients need to follow up with the clinic if they received after hour's urgent or emergency care.

Naval Medical Center CG Beneficiary Representative (757) 953-7576
TRICARE Service Center - North Region (Virginia) (877) 874-2273
CG TRICARE Hotline (800) 942-2422