Servicing Personnel Office (SPO)


The Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) is located in the Administration side of the Rittichier Building.  It maintains and updates personnel data records as well as  investigates and resolves personnel and pay issues for various assigned commands in the Tidewater Area, Sector Hampton Roads and students.


Name Role Number
YNCM Michele McCoy SPO Division Officer TBD
YNC Gary Dunkum SPO Division Chief (757) 638-6632
YN1 Sarah Birdwell Auditor (757) 686-6720
YN1 Megan Martin Auditor (757) 483-8605
YN1 Jessica Tedesco Auditor (757) 686-4124
YN1 Bryan Agresta Auditor (757) 686-4009
YN1 Nayip Pagan Auditor (757) 686-4120
YN1 Versal Mason Auditor (757) 686-6707
FAX Line      (757) 638-2672


Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday, 0730 to 1600