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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Ombudsman Program.

Point of Contact

If you are unable to contact the Ombudsman Program Coordinator at your Regional Work-Life Staff, or need additional assistance beyond the information provided here,

Ombudsman Program Manager

Ms. Christine DeGraw

Ombudsman Program


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Ombudsman Program Overview
The Coast Guard Ombudsman Program is a command program intended to improve communication between the command and the Coast Guard family members. Coast Guard ombudsmen are communication links, provide information and referral resources and act as advocates for family members. COMDTINST 1750.4E provides details of Coast Guard Ombudsman Program.


Ombudsman Recognition

Contact Your Ombudsman

This link will bring you to the Ombudsman Registry, where you can identify your command/unit and contact the Coast Guard Ombudsman. If you cannot locate your unit, please contact the closest Sector or Base ombudsman.

Ombudsman Family Resources

Resources for ombudsman and families.

Command Cadre Toolkit
This toolkit is designed to provide command leadership with Coast Guard Ombudsman Program information and support. It includes information, checklists, and forms to assist the command with all aspects of the Ombudsman Program including selection, appointment, and support of the ombudsman.

Ombudsman Training Resources
Coast Guard Ombudsman training materials, schedules, and resources.

Ombudsman Coordinators
Ombudsman Coordinators
serve as an advisor/consultant to local ombudsmen, the District Community of Practices, and commands.