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Office of Work-Life Programs :
Separation for Care of Newborn Children (CNC)
Separation for Pregnancy

Who is Eligible for this Program?
The Separation for Care of Newborn Children (CNC) program is available to the following members of Team Coast Guard:

  • Active Duty

Separation for Pregnancy is available to all service members beyond their initial training (e.g., recruit training or Officer Candidate School), but service members should be advised that requests for separation due to pregnancy will not normally be approved. In those cases where extenuating circumstances due to a bona fide hardship exist, requests for separation will be considered on a case-by-case basis with the service need often the determinant for retention or release. Each decision will be rendered based on a balance of service need, the member's remaining obligated service, and consideration of the specific circumstances of each member's situation.

Purpose of Program
The temporary Separation for Care of Newborn Children program allows Coast Guard members to temporarily separate and pursue growth or other opportunities outside the service, while providing a mechanism for their return to active duty. The long-term intent of this program is to retain the valuable experience and training our members possess that might otherwise be lost. Under temporary separation, career-oriented officers and enlisted members are allowed a one time separation from active duty for up to two years to either:

  1. Discharge parental responsibilities to care for newborn children (CNC), or
  2. Allow members to pursue personal interests that are restricted by continuing on active duty, i.e., education.

The following definitions apply to the Separation for Care of Newborn Children Program:

  • Separation for Care of Newborn Children: For career members who desire guaranteed return to active duty after discharge.
  • Newborn child includes both biological and adopted.

Services and Resources Available
The following services and resources are available within the Separation for Care of Newborn Children Program:

  • Ability to separate for up to two years to provide care for newborn children and return to active duty.
  • Separation should start within 12 months after the child’s birth or within 12 months after the date of adoption.

Requesting Services or Resources
To obtain additional information on temporary Separation of Care of Newborn Children program, please contact your immediate supervisor for additional details on the process to request a separation for care of a newborn child.

Child care resources can be obtained by contacting the Family Resource Specialist (FRS) or Child Development Services Specialist (CDSS) at your Health, Safety and Work-Life (HSWL) Regional Practice Office.

Program References
The following references provide details of the Temporary Separation Policy:

Child Care Resources

Point of Contact
If you are unable to contact the Family Resource Specialist or your Child Development Services Specialist, or need additional assistance beyond the information provided here, please contact the Headquarters Child Development Program Manager, Ms. Renee l. Podolec at 202-475-5160 or Renee.L.Podolec@uscg.mil.