Transition Assistance Program (TAP)


TAP prepares Service Members (SMs) separating or retiring from the Coast Guard for their transition to civilian life. All eligible SMs are required to begin transition process 365 days prior to separation/retirement and must complete the following mandatory components 1) Self-assessment, 2) Individual initial counseling, 3) Pre-separation Counseling and 4) TAP, encompassing core curriculum. Contact your Regional Work-Life Transition Coordinator to begin your transition journey.

TAP Components
1. Mandatory Initial Counseling (IC)/self-assessment to be completed 365 days or more prior to release from active duty.
2. Mandatory Pre-Separation counseling at least 365 days or more prior to release from active duty.  Updated Pre-Separation Guides and Presentation are available under Transition Tools. 
3. Mandatory TAP Core Curriculum:
     • Attendance at DHS Transition Day (Managing My Transition, Military Occupation Code (MOC) crosswalk, and Financial Planning).
     • Veterans Administration Benefits and Service brief
     • Department of Labor (DoL) One-day Employment Fundamentals of Career Transition (EFCT)
4. Selection of Two-Day Track: SM assessed with Tier I and II may be waived from participating in a track requirement but may attend a track if desire to further education. Tier III assigned personnel must select at least one track.  
     • Employment Track: Employment Workshop
     • Education Track: Managing Your (my) Education
     • Vocational Track: Vocational Track: Career and Credential Exploration
     • Entrepreneurship Track: Boots to Business
5. Mandatory CAPSTONE event which must be completed no later than 90 days prior to separation to verify you have met Career Readiness Standards (CRS are listed in tab on left drop down menu) and received the transition services requested.

If you are unable to contact the Transition/Relocation Manager on your HWSL Work-Life Staff, or need additional assistance, please contact the Headquarters Transition Assistance Program Manager, Mr. Rodney Whaley at (202) 475-5158, or email at 
All required core courses and additional Transition courses are available on, if completing online courses ensure connection with HSWL Regional transition manager to complete required work.