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Office of Work-Life Programs : Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Individual Transition Plan (ITP) Deliverables

The Individual Transition Plan (ITP) requirement helps members determine the actions to take to achieve their career goals. The ITP is required for all members and must be completed before attending a Transition GPS workshop.

  1. Service member begins Individual Transition Plan (ITP).
    1. ITP Block 1 should be started by the member before the Transition GPS Seminar.
    2. ITP Block 2 is worked on during the three days of the DOLEW section of the TAP seminar.
    3. ITP Blocks 3, 4 and 5 will be completed by the member based on their goals/career path and which tracks they pursue.
    4. ITP Block 6 should be stressed in the Pre-separation Briefing and these milestones incorporated into the individual's transition process.
  2. Regional Transition Relocation Managers (TRM) will initiate the Service Member’s Individual Transition Plan (ITP) Checklist, DD Form 2958 with the member upon completion of the ITP. Service Member will maintain the ITP checklist, DD Form 2958, along with his/her ITP.
  3. Work with your TRM to schedule a 5-day available Transition GPS seminar.
  4. Member MUST complete all pre-requisites for the Transition GPS Seminar for which s/he is registered.
  5. Member must register for eBenefits on Veteran Affairs website.

After completion of TGPS seminar, the SM should contact their TRM for further guidance on ITP and additional GPS track seminars available depending on goals in ITP.