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 Work-Life Field Offices

Service delivery of Work-Life Programs is accomplished by 13 field Work-Life staffs assigned to Health, Safety, and Work-Life Regional Practices (HSWL RP) Coast Guard-wide. These Work-Life specialists administer their respective programs in accordance with Commandant (CG-111) policy and other such directives that may be issued by competent authority. They coordinate a myriad of program elements as specified in these policies, including training, mandatory reporting, marketing, measuring and evaluation, networking with local care providers, education and outreach.

Work-Life Field staffs are located at HSWL RP's in Alameda, Boston, Cleveland, Honolulu, Ketchikan, Kodiak, Miami, New Orleans, Portsmouth, San Pedro, Seattle, St. Louis, and Washington, DC.

Work-Life Staff Contact List

The Work-Life Staff Roster provides contact information to all members. To access the web site for your Work-Life Field Staff, click on the appropriate link below:

 Work-Life Contact List
HSWL RP Alameda HSWL RP Miami Beach
HSWL RP Boston HSWL RP New Orleans
HSWL RP Cleveland HSWL RP Portsmouth
HSWL RP Cape May HSWL RP LA/Long Beach
HSWL RP Honolulu HSWL RP Seattle
HSWL RP Juneau HSWL RP St. Louis
  HSWL RP Washington, DC

Work-Life Field Offices

To contact a Health, Safety, Work-Life Practice or detached duty facility closest to you, call 1-202-475-5100 followed by the extension listed next to the following Base locations:

Work-Life Field Offices
Alameda (6) LA / Long Beach (6)
Boston (1) Miami Beach (3)
Cape May (2) New Orleans (4)
Cleveland (5) Portsmouth (2)
Honolulu (8) Seattle (7)
Juneau (9) St. Louis (4)
Kodiak (9) National Capitol Region (2)

Child Development Services

Contact information for the Coast Guard Child Development Centers

Family Resource Specialists

Contact information for Coast Guard Family Resource Specialists (FRS)

Regional Ombudsman Coordinators and HSWL Regional Practices

Contact information for Coast Guard Ombudsman

Transition/Relocation Managers

Contact Information for Transition/Relocation Managers (TRM)

Health Promotion Managers

Contact information for Coast Guard Health Promotion Managers (HPM).

Subsistence Program

Contact information for the Subsistence Program staff.