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Contact your local Health Safety & Work Life Regional Practice or CG SUPRT 24/7/365.

 Parent Resources

This is an on going site to provide Coast Guard members with resources in navigating the exciting challenges of being a parent as well as a vital part of our organization.  

Services and Resources Available in the Coast Guard

Breast Milk Shipping

Coast Guard Pregnancy & New Parent Resource Guide

Healthy Tips After Pregnancy

Nutrition & Exercise Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Parental Leave Policy Flyers



  • The Coast Guard’s CG SUPRT program can assist all eligible individuals and families with eldercare issues. The program provides counseling, resource information, referrals to eldercare facilities, health and wellness coaching, legal assistance, and a number of webinars and other on-line information. To access the program 24/7, contact:

    855-247-CGSUPRT (855-247-8778) or go to www.CGSUPRT.com
  • Work-Life specialists are available to assist active duty members and their dependents. Specialists are located in the Health, Safety, and Work-Life (HSWL) regional practices.


Points of Contact
HSWL specialists are the first points of contact for eldercare services and CG SUPRT questions: Health, Safety, and Work-Life (HSWL) regional practices.

If you need additional assistance beyond the information provided here, please contact the Health Promotion Program Manager, Mr Tim Merrell      CG-1111, at (202) 475-5146 or email at timothy.m.merrell@uscg.mil.