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Subsistence Program

Subsistence Program Updates

In October of 2015, COMDT (CG-1) chartered the Subsistence Integrated Product Team (Subsistence IPT) to conduct a comprehensive review of the current state and recommend a future state for our Subsistence Program. The Subsistence IPT highlighted the challenges we have in maintaining a fully staffed workforce across all of our mission areas and identified large variances in unit operating costs and core skills within our workforce. The IPT developed a Concept of Operations (CONOPS) that established a new Subsistence Program and created a Subsistence Product Line at the Health, Safety, and Work-Life (HSWL) Service Center (SC). The CONOPS was designed to improve the recruitment and retention of personnel within the rating, enhance cutter support, optimize the shore-based dining facility footprint, and provide a single point of accountability to our operational partners. Implementation of the CONOPS and the additional updates announced in ALCOAST 003/17 support the transformation of the Subsistence Program.

CG Galley Meal Rates


Pay and Bonuses

  • ALCOAST 088/18: FY19 Workforce Planning SITREP 3 - Enlisted Interventions
    • FAQs for FY15 Active Bonus Programs
      (FY17 in development)
  • ALCOAST 087/168: FY19 Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP) Update

Other Updates

  • Change Overview
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Who is Eligible for this Program?
Authorized patronage for CG Dining Facilities (CGDF) is discussed in COMDTINST M4061.5A, Coast Guard Food Service Manual and is in concurrent clearance.

Purpose of Program
The objective of the CG Subsistence Program is to provide policy and support to over 1,200 Culinary Specialists; furthermore, to enable the successful and efficient operation of 360 CGDFs service wide. The Subsistence Program implements guidance and instruction to CGDFs on how to provide nutritious, well-balanced meals to all authorized personnel to enable mission execution. The program also administers and provides guidance for the Forrest O. Rednour Memorial Food Service Awards.

Services and Resources Available

  • Subsistence POCs - Subsistence Program Contact List
  • Subsistence Product Line
    The HSWL SC established the Subsistence Product Line in October 2016. Product Line is responsible for supporting effective delivery of food services at Coast Guard ashore and afloat dining facilities that are staffed by over 1,200 CS personnel. The Product Line is made up of a services branch focusing on configuration management, a facilities branch focusing on overall depot-level dining facility configuration and maintenance, and a supply and inventory branch that focuses on dining facility financial data reporting and food service information systems. In addition, the Product Line will engage in long-term shared planning and information management with the Shore Infrastructure Logistics Center (SILC) for subsistence-specific procurement and contracting needs.
  • CS Rating Force Master Chief (RFMC) is the principal advocate for the Culinary Service Rating and is responsible for the overall health of the rating.
  • Food Service Assistance and Training (FC-Aefsat) Team. The Food Service Assistance and Training (FSAT) Team ensures that units adhere to the requirements of Federal laws, regulations, directives and Coast Guard policies. The primary focus of the FSAT is unit assessments, on-the-job training, providing CS and Command assistance. For access to the tools and resources provided by FSAT, go to CG Portal and search for "FC-Aefsat".
  • CS Information Portal is managed by the Rating Knowledge Manager (RKM). On CG Portal search for "CS Information Portal".

Related Web Sites
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Points of Contact
If you need additional assistance beyond the information provided here, please contact the Headquarters Food Service Program Managers:

Questions or suggestions about the CG Subsistence Program can be submitted to culinaryprogram@uscg.mil.