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Office of Work-Life Programs : Body Fat Probation Resources

Requirements for Members Exceeding Maximum Allowable Body Fat:
Commands shall refer members exceeding maximum allowable body fat to their Primary Care Manager (PCM) to determine the cause of weight gain and consultation. Commands shall refer members to the PCM by filling out Section 1 of the (Command Weight Referral Form SF 600). PCM's shall fill out Section 2. Members shall inform command of any medical problems with losing weight or starting an exercise program. The attached flow chart can help commands and members through the process.

Members who exceed their maximum allowable weight are highly encouraged to use any of the following resources:


  • Complete a Monthly Fitness Test Requirements (after Primary Care Manager clearance) (push-ups, sit-ups, 1.5 mile run, or 1 mile walk)




Additional Resources

The following pages are resource guides to help you understand and comply with the new weight policy.




Refer to the Weight Management page for additional online resources.



Resources for Improving Fitness Performance Tests

Military PFT Prep Help Site