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Ombudsman Program: Command Cadre Toolkit


The Command Cadre Toolkit is provided for your information. It includes program information, checklists and forms to assist the command with all aspects of the Ombudsman Program including selection, appointment, and support of their ombudsman.

For further information and resources contact your local Health, Safety and Work-Life Regional Practice Ombudsman Coordinator.

For the purposes of this toolkit the terms Commanding Officer, Commander, or Command Cadre includes Officer in Charge.

Point of Contact
If you have any questions, please contact the Ombudsman Program Manager, Ms. Christine DeGraw, at

"Marie Chiaino has been such a wonderful resource at this duty station! I wish I had her wealth of information at previous locations! I get emails every day with events and useful tips! I have been so excited to take advantage of the resources that are available to us!! It's just nice to be in the KNOW!"

Thanks so much!
April Ammons

"Ms. Chiaino, I wanted to thank you for giving my wife a wealth of information! This is the first unit that we've been to that the ombudsman has contacted my wife. I think it's mostly my fault since I never got her in contact with the ombudsman. Now - it seems she knows more about what's going on than I do. It seems every day she telling me about a family event or upcoming Coast Guard function. I tend to get busy at work, so I have a bad habit of deleting those emails instead of forwarding them to my wife. You have saved me a lot of heart ache from not keeping my wife informed."

MST1 Nolan Ammons
Sector St. Petersburg