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Office of Work-Life (CG-111)

Office of Work-Life : HSWL Ombudsman Coordinator Contact List

HSWL Ombudsman Coordinator Contact List

Location Name Phone Number Email
Ombudsman Program Manager Christine Degraw 202-475-5142 christine.m.degraw@uscg.mil
HSWL RP ** Cape May Robert Spicer 609-898-6885 Robert.H.Spicer@uscg.mil
HSWL RP Washington
(Outlying HQ Units)
Timika Connor 202-372-4083 Timika.Connor@uscg.mil
HSWL RP Washington
(St. Elizabeths Campus Directorates)
Timika Connor 202-372-4083 Timika.Connor@uscg.mil
HSWL RP Boston Maura Redy 718-354-4404 maura.redy@uscg.mil
HSWL RP Portsmouth Lillian Cockrill 757-686-4027 lillian.e.cockrill@uscg.mil
HSWL RP Base Miami Beach / Detachment Base Charleston
Ken Weber 843-740-3147, ext 3142 Kenneth.M.Weber@uscg.mil
HSWL RP St. Louis Dean Gingerich 314-269-2347 L.Dean.Gingerich@uscg.mil
HSWL RP Cleveland William Schmidt 216-902-6355 william.a.schmidt@uscg.mil
HSWL RP Sector Houston-Galveston (Texas Units) Kevin Keener 281-464-4683 kevin.h.keener@uscg.mil
HSWL RP San Pedro/San Diego Patrick Nalty 310-521-6126 Patrick.L.Nalty@uscg.mil
HSWL RP Alameda Vernon Batulanon 510-437-5991 Vernon.J.Batulanon@uscg.mil
HSWL RP Seattle Heather Miles 206-217-6674 Heather.M.Miles@uscg.mil
HSWL RP Juneau Michelle Coutu 907-463-2125 Michelle.C.Coutu@uscg.mil
HSWL RP Kodiak Rony Harden 907-487-5341 Rony.Harden@uscg.mil
HSWL RP Honolulu Jessica Dung 808-419-4728 Jessica.r.dung@uscg.mil
Regional Ombudsman Coordinators  
LANTAREA ROC* Lori Carrington 757-398-6570 lori.a.carrington@uscg.mil
PACAREA ROC* Ryan Fahlenkamp 510-437-3782 Ryan.J.Fahlenkamp2@uscg.mil

*   ROC = Regional Ombudsman Coordinator
**   RP = Regional Practice