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Looking for help now?
Contact your local Health Safety & Work Life Regional Practice or CG SUPRT 24/7/365.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Emergency suicide crisis services may also be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week via
the CG SUPRT Program toll free number 855-CGSUPRT (247-8778).

If on-site psychological assistance is needed, call 988 

If Emergency medical treatment is needed call 911


Are you feeling desperate, alone or hopeless?
Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Mental Health Video From RADM Thomas

Suicide Prevention Stand-down Tool Kit

1. Talking points for commands                                                     2. Leadership Safe Message Guide 

3. Stress Continuum                                                                      4. Suicide Prevention Trifold

5. Columbia Protocol Mobile App Training Slides


988 Article on MyCG Site 

Ask Care Escort (ACE) Card - Guided question t assist with members who may be suicidal.

ACE PSA: highlight the ease of use (and effectiveness) of the ACE (which utilizes the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale) for everyone in the total CG workforce; providing guidance to intervene when an individual may be experiencing crisis View ACE Video for a demonstration how to use the ACE Card 

CISM Trifold download      Suicide Prevention Trifold download

New  PTSD  Presentation Video

Stress Continuum Video 


  • CG SUPRT: 1 (855) 247-8778 
  • Work-Life Office: (202) 475-5100 
  • Chaplain: (202) 372-4900 
  • Crisis : Text "HOME" to 741741 

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Connection in time of social distancing blog

Psychological Health & Your Security Clearance: 


CG SUPRT: Who is Eligible for this Program?
The CG SUPRT Program is available to the following members of Team Coast Guard:

  • Active Duty members and their dependents
  • Select Reservist and their dependents
  • Full-time Civil Service employees and their dependents
  • Full-time Exchange System and MWR employees and their dependents

Purpose of Program
The CG SUPRT Program is a professional staffed service that is available 24/7. Its purpose is to assist CG employees with a wide range of mental health and other life concerns, such as depression. relationship issues, and work stress, which may impact their ability to perform on the job and/or the family.

Program Confidentiality
As mandated by law and regulations, all contact with the CG SUPRT are held in strict confidence, except in some unique situations such as when someone threatens to harm himself or others. The CG SUPRT Program is provided by an outside contractor to better assure confidentiality and access in all the CG locations.

Services of CG SUPRT

  • For Individuals: Services include face to face assessment, referral and short term counseling for a wide variety of personal concerns such as depression, relationship discord, and career transition. The program also offers telephonic assistance for financial and legal concerns. Another service of the program is telephonic and information assistance with life events that impact everyone. Examples of this service are finding eldercare and childcare providers and assistance with negotiating the college application process. CG SUPRT also offers health coaching to assist employees and their family members with health matters such as smoking cessation, weight management, and stress reduction. Finally, the program can assist with tax preparation.
  • For Management: Managers may also consult with the CG SUPRT Program when there is a workplace situation that may impact the stress of his/her employees OR when an employee's conduct or performance may be impacted by a personal concern.
  • For Organizations: Critical incidents, downsizing, and other large scale events can impact an entire organization. Services include training, critical incident response and education.
  • For Everyone: The CG SUPRT offers an extensive website that contains articles, mental health assessments, and national resources

What to Expect
When employees contact CG SUPRT, they can expect to talk with a professional who will first gather information such as the nature of the concerns, and, if they would like face to face counseling, where they would like to meet with a counselor. Then the employee will be contacted by a local counselor to begin the process of setting up an appointment. Usually an appointment is established  within a few days unless there is an emergency situation. Telephonic requests will be transferred to the appropriate specialist

Point of Contact and to Access the Services
Call: 855-CG SUPRT (247-8778)

If there are any questions or concerns about the CG SUPRT Program or if special assistance is needed, each Health Safety & Work Life (HSWL) Regional Practice employs a civilian Employee Assistance Program Coordinator (EAPC). Regional Work-Life Staff, among other duties the EAPCs help market the program, manage its complaints/issues, and arrange for critical incident involvement.

If you need additional assistance beyond the information provided here, please contact the Employee Assistance Program Manager, Jose Jasso at 202-817-7089.

Program References
The following reference provides details of the Employee Assistance Program:

Related Web Sites
The following web sites provide information related to the Employee Assistance Program:

  • Ask, Care, Escort (ACE) - Six simple questions to ask anyone who you think may be suicidal.  
  • Coast Guard Legal Assistance - Coast Guard legal assistance attorneys provide advice and counsel regarding personal legal issues to service members, dependents and retirees at no cost. Site includes some resources and a find-a-lawyer locator.
  • Department of Homeland Security Employee Assistance Program - Lots of useful information and links available on a broad range of EAP and workplace-related topics.
  • Armed Forces Legal Assistance - Locate active duty legal activities offering general legal services within the continental United States.
  • In Transition - This DoD program is for all military members including members of the Coast Guard. It provides service members currently receiving mental health treatment a bridge of support between health care providers should they transfer to a new location or separate from active service. The program may be accessed by service members or referring mental health providers by calling toll-free 1-800-424-7877 (continental United States including Alaska and Hawaii); 1-800-424-4685 (outside the United States). Individuals outside the US may also call collect 1-314-387-4700.
  • National Institute of Mental Health - Provides helpful information on mental illnesses and the latest research findings.
  • Office of Personnel Management EAP Homepage - Provides information on Federal EAPs and links and publications helpful in addressing related issues.
  • Safe Helpline For Victims of Sexual Assault - A DoD site dedicated to providing crisis help for Active Duty and Reserve DoD/Coast Guard personnel affected by sexual assault. The Safe Helpline provides live, one-on-one expert advice and information worldwide. Available 24/7, users can click, call, or text for anonymous and confidential support. Call 877-995-5247.
  • Vet4Warriors - 1-855-VET-TALK (1-855-838-8255). This DoD-sponsored service provides confidential military support to vets by vets. Service is open to all military personnel and veterans. Separate from the services offered by the Veterans Administration. Completely confidential. Callers can remain anonymous. Visit for more information.
  • “Veterans Chat” - An online, one-on-one “chat-service” for veterans. (Click on the “Click to Chat Live Online” icon to get started.) It enables veterans, their families, and friends to communicate anonymously with a trained VA counselor. This service is available 24/7.