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Reserve Personnel Management

RPM-1 Status Section handles the following:

  • Lateral change in rating
  • Reserve Component Change (RCC)
  • Conditional Release
  • Retirement
  • Discharge
  • Administration Separation Board (ADSEP)
  • Erroneous contracts
  • Expected Loss Date Change
  • Advancement Inquiry
  • Reenlistment Waiver/Board
  • Waiver (16/18, 1095, 30 year, age 60)
  • Separation Pay
  • Officer Specialty Management System (OSMS)

 **Send all correspondence and requests related to the above list of member issues to: When sending your email use the below naming convention in the subject line of the email.  

[Rate/rank], [Member's First name], [Member's last name] – [related topic from the list above]
Example: YN1 Joe Coastie - Lateral Change in Rating


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Reserve Retention Request FAQs

Reserve Retirement FAQs

For more information please visit our Portal Page (CAC required): RPM-1 Status Portal Page