Reserve Personnel Management


ADOS Management

Short-Term Non-Contingency Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS)

In accordance with COMDTINST 3061.2A, Activation of the Reserve Component, PSC-RPM maintains approval authority for retention of SELRES positions during multiple sets of consecutive Short-Term ADOS orders totaling 181 days or more.

Reservists on consecutive Short-Term ADOS totaling 181 days or more must compete for an assignment to a permanent Reserve position on the PAL as part of the deactivation process.

Reservists requesting to retain their SELRES position must submit a Retention of SELRES Position Request Memo through their assigned SELRES unit and the receiving ADOS unit. Submit requests to HQS-SMB-CGPSC-RPM-2-ASSIGNMENTS

Long-Term Non-Contingency Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS)

In accordance with COMDTINST 1330.1E, Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS), PSC-RPM is responsible for centralized management of Long-Term, Non-Contingency ADOS.  This encompasses ADOS assignments that are greater than 180 days in duration, and not supporting a Coast Guard contingency (e.g., Overseas Contingency operations supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom, Deepwater Horizon, etc.).  ADOS assignments in support of contingency operations and Short-Term ADOS are managed by PSC’s Personnel Services Division, Surge Staffing Section (PSC-PSD-SSS).

PSC-RPM announced the centralization of Long-Term Non-Contingency ADOS management in ALCGPSC 099/22.

The Long-Term Non-Contingency ADOS assignment process mirrors the established SELRES PCS assignment process and is managed within Direct Access. Effective FY18 the Direct Access Mobilization System is being utilized to solicit requests for Long-Term Non-Contingency ADOS support. 

The basic process for Long-Term Non-Contingency ADOS management is as follows:

  1. ADOS Requestor:

    1. The ADOS requestor acquires funding and submits approved position number, position requirements, description of duties, and a unit POC to the PSC-RPM-2 Long-Term Non-Contingency email address at: ADOS cap managers may submit this information on the requestor's behalf. A valid position number is critical to the ADOS request, as it ensures that funding has been approved by CG-832. ADOS requestors should contact their ADOS cap manager, as identified in ALCOAST 279/22, with any questions concerning funding and position numbers. The Long-Term Non-Contingency ADOS for Personnel Support Request Form can be viewed here (Long-Term Non-Contingency ADOS for Personnel Support Request Form).

    2. To allow sufficient processing time, ADOS requests should be received by PSC-RPM at least 75 days in advance of the requested start date.


  2. ADOS Applicant:

    1. Interested applicants shall apply for ADOS positions via the Direct Access Mobilization System.

    2. ADOS applicants must comply with the requirements outlined in paragraph 10.d of Active Duty for Operational Support, COMDTINST 1330.1E to include obtaining any waiver approvals (e.g., 16/18 years active duty, age 60, etc.) within the required timeframe.

    3. All ADOS applicants must obtain Command approval via Direct Access Mobilization System prior to being considered for Long-Term Non-Contingency ADOS.

    4. For instructions on how to use the Direct Access Mobilization System please see the Requesting Mobilization Volunteer Opportunities (Member Self-Service) help guide.


  3. ADOS Endorser:

    1. ADOS endorser must be someone from the applicants Chain-of-Command at their current permanent duty station.

    2. Prior to endorsing CG Mobilization Resumes; All ADOS Unit Endorsers must obtain “CG Mobilization Resume Endorser” permissions in Direct Access by initiating a User Access Request under the “Requests” tab in Direct Access


  4. PSC-RPM:

    1. Solicit applications for all funded ADOS positions via Direct Access Mobilization System.

    2. Input position data, position requirements and unit POC information into Direct Access position description.

    3. Create a slate of candidates based on DA applicants. PSC-RPM assignment officers will use the criteria outlined in paragraph 10.h of Active Duty for Operational Support, COMDTINST 1330.1E  to assign members to Long-Term Non-Contingency ADOS on a best-qualified basis from among candidates responding to Coast Guard-wide solicitations.

    4. Notify the selected member, the member's current command and the ADOS requestor of the selection.

    5. Provide applicable information to the members SPO for creating ADOS orders in conjunction with the ADOS assignment.

    6. Enter PCS TONO and line accounting as required for orders.

    7. Function as final authorizing official for orders execution by ensuring the position numbers, orders duration, and department identification numbers are accurate.


  5. P&A Office Responsibilities:

    1. Provide PCS entitlement counseling to the selected member.

    2. Create ADOS orders in accordance with applicable procedures.

    3. Audit orders for completeness and accuracy.

    4. Correspond with member on order related issues and/or concerns.