Reserve Master Chief Advancement Panel


The R-MCAP selects eligible reserve Senior Chief Petty Officers for advancement to Master Chief Petty Officer.  
The R-MCAP will follow the standard Personnel Service Center (PSC) panel process that is utilized by OPM, EPM, and RPM. A key part to the PSC panel process is review of a member's personnel record. The personnel record includes the members Coast Guard Military Human Resource Record (CGMHRR), Employee Summary Sheet (ESS), and Enlisted Evaluation Reports (EERs). It is essential that these documents are up to date and accurate!

What You Need to Know

Start preparing for the R-MCAP now!

  1. Request a copy of your Coast Guard Military Human Resource Record (CGMHRR).
  2. Update your personnel record (Click here to learn how​)
  3. Ensure your ESS is accurate.
  4. Ensure you have a current EER in Direct Access

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Frequently Asked Questions

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