Reserve Master Chief Advancement Panel


The R-MCAP selects eligible reserve Senior Chief Petty Officers for advancement to Master Chief Petty Officer.  
The R-MCAP will follow the standard Personnel Service Center (PSC) panel process that is utilized by OPM, EPM, and RPM. A key part to the PSC panel process is review of a member's personnel record. The personnel record includes an Electronically Imaged-Personnel Data Record (EI-PDR), Employee Summary Sheet (ESS), and Enlisted Evaluation Reports (EERs). It is essential that these documents are up to date and accurate!

What You Need to Know

Start preparing for the R-MCAP now!

  1. Request a copy of your EI-PDR.
  2. Update your personnel record (Click here to learn how​)
  3. Ensure your ESS is accurate
  4. Ensure your have a current EER in Direct Access

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated FAQs will be posted as necessary, please click on the link above.