IRR Volunteer Opportunities

Prior to applying for a position in Direct Access, please complete the Voluntary IRR Mobilization Request Form and send it to RPM-3 SPO at: Due to the information containing PII/SPII please password protect the document and send the password in a separate email. 

Once the email is received RPM-3 identify if you need a PHA, dental exam, updated weigh-in and will provide guidance on how to complete these items if necessary. In addition, RPM-3 will also conduct records review to include a criminal history check. 

After these checks are conducted you will receive notification that you are either eligible or not eligible. If you have any questions, please contact RPM-3 SPO at:

Members who desire to apply for volunteer TDY/ADOS opportunities must do so by using the Direct Access Mobilization System. For further information please utilize Surge Staffing Section's website. 

If you no longer have access to DA, you will need to submit a PPC trouble ticket requesting that your password be reset. PPC can be contacted via email at: or by phone at: 866-772-8724 Monday - Friday between 0700 - 1600 (central time). In your email, please provide your email address and state that due to your status in the IRR you do not have access to your .mil email address