Self-Help Board and Panel Preparation - The two primary sources of information a Promotion board or Selection / Screening Panel views are your Employee Summary Sheet (ESS) and your EI-PDR. To access either, please follow the instructions below.

***Special Consideration for Reserve Officers – Properly entering JPME-1 and JPME-2 into your record***

JPME-1 and JPME-2 must be entered in your Competency Summary on the Employee Summary Sheet (ESS)! Please ensure your Unit Admin enters JPME into Direct Access as follows:

a.  Using Admin access, go to "Person Profile"
b.  Click on "Competencies"
c.  Click on "Add Competency"
d.  JPME 1 and 2 both appear on the competency list

Officer Specialty Management System 2.0 – Officers preparing for a board/panel should have already reviewed ALCGOFF 143/19 and should update their OSC’s accordingly. In PY21 and beyond, boards and panels will be using OSMS 2.0 to make promotion board and panel decisions, visit the OPM-3 Portal for more information.

Employee Summary Sheet -  Open CGBI, click on the "Personal" tab at the top, click on the "Skills" tab from there, and then click on "Summary Sheet". Note: we routinely see officers missing competencies in their ESS. To see what competencies can go in your ESS, please refer to the Competency Dictionary and get with your YNs in your Personnel & Administration (P&A) Office to add them to your ESS. 

Transcripts and Education - The CG Education and Training Quota Management Command (ETQC) has developed guidelines for updating Education in your record (both in DA and your EI-PDR).  Please review ALCOAST 050/19 (DEGREE REPORTING AND VALIDATION OF CURRENT DEGREE COMPLETIONS IN DIRECT ACCESS). A copy of the MSG is in the shared documents.

Record of Professional Development (CG-4082 Form) - This optional form is an important and often overlooked component of an officer's record. At a minimum it is recommended that all officers submit an updated CG-4082 prior to a promotion board/panel. An updated and robust CG-4082 signals that an officer is committed to continuous lifelong learning and has prepared their record for the board/panel process.  When submitting a new CG-4082 Form, any previous CG-4082s will be removed from your EI-PDR.  If there is information from a previous CG-4082 that you want to be included in your record, ensure that you list it again on a new CG-4082 to provide one consolidated and prioritized list. 

 It is strongly recommended that officers document all significant education, training and qualifications on a CG-4082, with an emphasis on items not captured on the member's Employee Summary Sheet in CGBI. Guidance on what is authorized on a 4082 can be found in Chapter 4.c of the Performance, Training, and Education Manual (COMDTINST M1500.10c). An excerpt of the policy is included below in our shared documents. The completed form should be submitted via the member's Personnel & Administration (P&A) office to the PSC Records Branch (MR) at Expedited entry requests should have the subject line: URGENT BOARD ENTRY.

EI-PDR Requests & Urgent Board Entries - Prior to a board/panel, it is vital to review your EI-PDR and compare it to your ESS to ensure all the documentation is in place. This should be done at least one year out from a board and panel process. The ESS provides a false sense of security, all too often personal awards are listed on the ESS and are not in the E-IPDR. This is a common error that lends itself to unfavorable results. Officers in-zone, screening for command, applying for graduate school, or the Senior Education Fellowship are considered board candidates for the AY/PY. Board and panel documents should be submitted via the member's Personnel & Administration (P&A) office to the PSC Records Branch (MR) at Expedited entry requests should have the subject line: URGENT BOARD ENTRY. It is highly recommended the member and SPO are included on the email submission for tracking and accountability purposes.

See ALCGPSC 044/20 regarding the recent shared mailbox transition.

To request a copy of your EI-PDR, use this link to the Records Branch: PSC Military Records EI-PDR.