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IRR to SELRES Transition

IRR members desiring to return to the SELRES must successfully complete a series of medical, dental and administrative tasks before they are eligible to transfer to the SELRES. ASL and ISL members must complete a Reserve Component Category Change request (RCC) to the IRR before requesting transfer to the SELRES. The process for transitioning from the IRR to the SELRES is different for officers and enlisted members. The process for each is outlined below.


Contact the Coast Guard Recruiting Command (CGRC) In-Service Transfer Team (ISTT) at:  The email should clearly state that you are seeking a transfer from the IRR to the SELRES and include:

  • First and Last Name,
  • Rate,
  • Pay Grade,
  • Desired geographic location(s) and
  • Desired timeline for returning to the SELRES.


To be transferred to the SELRES, officers must be slated for a SELRES assignment by RPM-2 and complete a series of medical, dental and administrative tasks. 
Officers with questions regarding the IRR-to-SELRES transition process should email the RPM-3 Reserve Officer email query at: 

Assignment related questions should be directed to RPM-2.  The RPM-2 website has detailed information about the Reserve assignment process, including assignment messages and a list of assignment officers.

IRR to SELRES Checklist

Complete steps 1 - 3 below in sequential order. Medical and dental items are completed through the Coast Guard Reserve health Readiness Program (RHPP) contractor, Logistics Health Inc. (LHI)

To help ease your transition please utilize the following Checklist

*** All documents transmitted with PII or other sensitive information should be password protected.  Passwords must be sent to RPM-3 via phone or a separate email to: PII should never be sent in the body of an email.***

Step 1  Schedule PHA, Medical & Dental Exams  *



Enroll in the PHA system and complete the PHA Survey at:
You will need your 10-digit DoD ID number and UIC/OPFAC (47909).
Instructions to the PHA are available in the PHA User Guide and  HSWL Technical Directive (HSWLSCTD) 2018-009 at: 
1b Email your completed PHA survey to:
1c Allow 1-2 weeks for the RPM-3 Medical Staff to review of your PHA survey, individual medical readiness, and request the necessary tests/exams from LHI.
1d  RPM-3 will notify you at the email above with a list of the required exams/tests and the date the exams/tests were submitted to (LHI).

 LHI will contact you to schedule an appointment approximately one business day after they receive the request from RPM-3. 

  • When contacted by LHI, be sure to do the following:
    • Confirm you are scheduled for all exams and/or tests listed in the email from RPM-3
    • You must specify that you are in the IRR changing status to the Selected Reserve (SELRES) and request a DD-2697 is completed at the appointment.  The DD-2697 (or other applicable medical documentation) must clearly indicate whether or not you meet Coast Guard retention standards IAW the Medical Manual, Section 3.F (REF: M6000.1F, Section 2.A.1.d.(3)). 
1f   Notify RPM-3 at: with the date of your medical and dental appointment(s).

*NOTE: IAW CI 6150.4, Medical Records are no longer sent to RPM. Servicing clinics send records to HSWL Central Cell, to be sent to NARA or VA Records Management Center.

Step 2   PHA, Medical & Dental Exams **
 All items below shall be completed through LHI, with the exception of immunizations and dental exam. Immunizations and/or dental exams (DD-2813) may, but not required to, be completed by a civilian provider. All other documentation must be completed using LHI.

 PHA & Medical Exams

  • The DD-2697 (or other applicable medical documentation) must clearly indicate whether or not you meet Coast Guard retention standards IAW the Medical Manual, Section 3.F (REF: M6000.1F, Section 2.A.1.d.(3))

HIV Test

  • Only required if most recent test was administered more than two years prior to your report date.  Must be completed with PHA by CG medical or LHI.


  • Members must be current on the following immunizations: Influenza (annually), Tetnus-Tdap/Td (w/in 10 yrs), Hep A&B, Polio-IPV, and MMR.  Immunizations may be completed by civilian, military or LHI medical staff. Documentation must include vaccine type, lot number, date administered and how administered.

Dental Exam (DD-2813)

  • Valid w/in 12 months prior to report date.
  • Must be Dental class 1 or 2 to transfer to SELRES.
  • DD-2813 may be completed by civilian dentist (at the expense of the member), military dental officer or (LHI).  (REF: M6000.1F, Section 2.A.3.a.2.e & M1001.28C, Section 6.D.2)
  • Appointments with LHI are for a dental EXAM ONLYNo treatment (e.g. cleanings, fillings, etc.) is authorized 

**NOTE 2: An unpaid RMP may be authorized for PHA/DD-2697/HIV appointment and Dental Exam if they meet the requirements in the Reserve Policy Manual, M1001.28C, Ch 2.B.3 (e.g. a minimum of 3 hours in duration). Any subsequent medical/dental treatment or care is the member’s responsibility. RMP requests should be requested via Direct Access and routed to YNCS Angelica Padilla for approval. 


Step 3  Administrative Items - upon completion of steps 1 and 2 above
3a CG - 1001: Change  in Reserve Component Category (RCC)

CG - 3307: A&T - 10D

  • Enter date (DD MMM YYYY) on Page 1 (two locations)
  • Enter Military Service Obligation date (typically 8 years after the date of initial entry into military service) 
  • Enter the number of years (no less than 1 year) you agree to serve in the SELRES
  • Initial next to each line item 
  • Complete the bottom portion of both pages, and sign at the bottom of page 2.
3c   DD - 2760:  Qualification to Possess Firearms or Ammunition

Annual Screening Questionnaire (ASQ)

  • Must be completed in Direct Access
  • To request a Direct Access password, submit a PPC trouble ticket via: or send an email to: PPC-DG-CustomerCare@uscg.milBe sure to explain that you do not have a CAC and do not have a email access because of your reserve category. You will receive a protected link from PPC with instructions to access Direct Access.


  • Required no more than 30 days prior to submission of this completed checklist
  • Weigh-in at local CG unit or CG Recruiting Office – please call in advance to schedule. Ref. (CIM1020.8H, Section 1B.4.b.)

 Step 4 Assignment Date
 SELRES PCS orders are normally issued with a 1 Oct report date. If an earlier/delayed report date is preferred, indicate the desired date. A report date other than 1 Oct will be routed to RPM-2 and the receiving command for approval, which may delay processing of your orders. 


Step 5  Submission
Forward all completed documents, including this checklist, in a single email to CG PSC-RPM-3 at: Once all completed documents are received, RPM-3 will submit your request to transfer to the SELRES.  It may take up to 30 days from the date all documents are received for your SELRES orders to be issued.


Scheduling Medical and Dental Exams via LHI

If you have any questions about LHI or difficulty scheduling appointments, please email the RPM-3 Reserve Officer email query at: