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Boards and Panels

Updating Your EI-PDR

Officers scheduled for or requesting candidacy on boards or panels are encouraged to review their EI-PDR. To request a copy of your Military Record, please see

*Boards and Panels Staff cannot enter any documents into members' records. Members must contact their Unit SPO. IRR members should contact RPM-3.*

Register of Officers

Volunteering for Reserve Board or Panel Membership Duty

Interested Reserve Officers and Active Duty Officers, LT and above, may request to serve on Reserve Boards or Panels by emailing the below information. We invite applicants for the Promotion Year months in advance but we do maintain a running list of applicants to meet last minute vacancies. Please utilize the information below to submit your request via email.  

  • Name
  • Rank
  • Date of Rank for current pay grade
  • Civilian e-mail address, if applicable
  • Daytime Phone number
  • Current Unit
  • Previous Board Experience, if any
  • Identify Unit Location or Residency where travel would be calculated to/from
  • Identify and dates or schedule conflicts, if known or expected