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Based on passage of the continuing resolution, all employees should follow their typical work schedules. Click here for more information.

Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)

Members in the IRR, ASL or ISL are administratively assigned to RPM, unless approved to Drill for Points Only (DFPO) or on active duty orders. RPM-3 performs all command and SPO functions for IRR, ASL and ISL members assigned to RPM. While assigned to the IRR, ASL or ISL, members have specific requirements they must perform to be considered satisfactory participants. All members should become familiar with the IRR and Standby Reserve Member Guide and the applicable requirements in the Reserve Policy Manual (CIM 1001.28). A vast majority of required tasks while in the IRR, ASL or ISL can and should be performed electronically by using self service modules in Direct Access (IRR and ASL only) or by emailing the RPM-3 Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) at:

If you prefer to mail documents to RPM-3, our mailing address is:

2703 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE, Mailstop 7200
Washington, DC 20593-7200

IRR and Standby Reserve (ASL/ISL) Member Guide

The IRR and Standby Reserve Member Guide outlines the basic requirements and responsibilities for members assigned to the IRR, ASL or ISL. The Member Guide answers several frequently asked questions. All IRR, ASL and ISL members are highly encouraged become familiar with the Member Guide. In the event the Member Guide does not answer your question, please email the RPM-3 staff.


Contact Information

RPM-3 Branch Chief: LT Bryan Cooper
Drill for Points Requests:
IRR to SELRES Transitions: