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Reserve Personnel Services Branch (RPM-3)

RPM-3 has three primary business lines:

  1. Management of the IRR and Standby Reserve (ASL and ISL)
  2. Reserve Incapacitation System Management (i.e. Reserve Medical)
  3. Reserve VA Education Benefits

IRR Moblization Opportunities

Prior to applying for a position in Direct Access, please complete the Voluntary IRR Mobilization Request Form and send it to RPM-3 SPO at: Due to the the information containing PII/SPII please password protect the document and send the password in a seperate email.

For more information, please visit the IRR Voluntary Moblization website

IRR, ASL, and ISL Management

  • Serve as the command for the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR), Active Status List (ASL) and Inactive Status List (ISL).
    • RPM-3 does not serve as the Command or SPO for IRR members authorized to DFPO, on active duty orders or en-route/attending accession training at the Coast Guard Academy or TRACEN Cape May.
  • Serve as the Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) for IRR, ASL, ISL.
  • Personnel Data Records (PDR) management for IRR, ASL, ISL.
  • Enter Correspondence Courses for retirement point credit (IRR and ASL only).
  • Process Drill for Points Only (DFPO) requests.
  • Assist IRR Officers with transition to the SELRES
    • Enlisted members must work with the In-Service Transfer Team (ISTT)


    • Assignment related questions should be directed to RPM-2.  The RPM-2 website has detailed information about the Reserve assignment process, including assignment messages and a list of assignment officers
    • Contact the Coast Guard Recruiting Command (CGRC) In-Service Transfer Team (ISTT) at:  

Reserve Medical

  • Manage the Coast Guard Incapacitation System for ill and injured reservists.
  • Benefits Issuing Authority (BIA) for:
    • Medical Hold Orders
    • Active Duty for Health Care (ADHC) Orders
    • Notices of Eligibility (NOE)
      • CG-114 is the BIA for restricted reports of sexual assault
    • Incapacitation pay
  • Authorize medical support allowance billets (MSAB)
  • Approve medical waivers for reservists
  • Manage HIV cases for reservists
  • Notify Commands and members separated or retired via the Physical Disability Evaluation System (PDES)

Reserve VA Education

  • Program manager for all Reserve VA Educational Benefit programs.
  • Verifies eligibility of Montgomery GI Bill - Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR), Reserve Education Assistance Program (REAP) and Post 9/11 GI Bill.
  • Authorization of Post 9/11 GI Bill transfer of education benefits (TEB) for reservists.
    • Requires an additional 04 years of service obligation in the SELRES or regular Active Duty.

Services Provided by Other Divisions/Branches

  • Manage the Physical Disability Evaluation System (PDES) for reserve members.
  • Manage or determine months of remaining educational benefits eligibility.
  • The following are examples of the many requests that are handled by CGPSC-RPM-1. For further information, please visit RPM-1 Status website.   
    • Reserve Component Category Changes (RCC)
      • IRR, ASL or ISL members desiring to transition back into the SELRES can visit IRR to SELRES website for further information.
      • Lateral Changes in Rating
      • Conditional Releases
      • Separations

Contact Information

RPM-3 Branch Chief: LT Bryan Cooper
Drill for Points Requests:
IRR to SELRES Transitions:
Reserve Medical:
Reserve VA Education: