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Reserve Component Category Management Branch (RPM-1)

The Reserve Component Category Management Branch deals with boards, panels, promotions, evaluations, advancements, retirements, resignations, discharges and separations for all reserve officer, chief warrant officers, and enlisted members.


Contacting RPM-1

  • Due to the high volume of inquiries and requests received daily, use of the Query address best allows RPM-1 to assign, track, and resolve each submission.
  • Please first consult your rating chain, RFRS staff, and/or DXR for routine questions.
  • Copy your supervisor and include your full name on all inquiries. If using Coast Guard mail, please also provide your EMPLID.
  • Please allow a minimum of 30 days to process all inquiries and submissions before contacting RPM for a status update. Please be aware that boards/panels in session may delay response times.
  • The Query addresses will provide an auto-confirmation of receipt; please route this confirmation of receipt to all appropriate parties.
  • Please limit the number of unit POCs to a single member for each individual matter.
  • Boards and Panels Query – B&P inquiries, volunteering to serve on a board or panel, Communication to aboard or panel, and all Regular to Reserve (R2R)Inquiries.
  • Evaluations Query – OER submissions (from commands not members), OER inquiries, and  EER waiver requests.
  • Status Selection Query - Status inquiries pertaining to Separations, Direct Lateral/Change-in-Rating, Reserve Component category change, Retirement, Waivers, Advancement, Conditional Release, or any other action that may result in a reserve member's status change.

Please do not contact individual RPM-1 personnel directly unless an emergency situation; for emergencies, the Section Chief contact information is below:

  • Boards and Panels Section: LT Marvi Rivera (202) 795-6507
  • Evaluations Section: LT David Holden  (202) 795-6519 
  • Status Section: LT Marcus Leibowitz (202) 795-6512      
    (Separations, Conditional Releases, Direct Lateral/Change-in-Rating requests, Reserve Component Category requests, and Retirement requests)

For all other emergencies:

RPM-1 Branch Chief, Erin Bennett, (202)-795-6525

RPM-1 Sections

Boards and Panels

The Boards and Panels Section coordinates the logistics for and administration of all Reserve Boards and Panels. This includes Promotion selection, designation, appointment, command screening and Regular to Reserve (R2R) processes.


The primary focus of the Evaluations Section is the receipt and validation of all Reserve Officer Evaluations to ensure compliance with appropriate policy. OER submission guidance is available but can be limited during the periods of heavy OER submissions and when a board or panel is in session. EER waivers are also considered by this section.


The status section processes and manages over 30 administrative processes, including, but not limited to:

  • Separations
  • Promotions
  • Conditional release request 
  • Direct Lateral/ Change-in-Rating requests
  • Reserve Retirement Requests
  • Separation Pay Requests
  • Policy Waivers (Time in Service, Commissioned Service, Age, 16/18/20 years of active duty, 1095 rule, etc.)

Update/Verify Your Record

Contact Military Records at the link above to request a copy of your Electronically-Imaged Personnel Data Record (EI-PDR). Contact your SPO to correct any errors or to submit missing documents. If a Reserve officer OER is missing, please send an inquiry to the Evaluations Query link above.

Check your readiness and Employee Summary Sheet (ESS) in CGBI for correctness and completeness.  Contact your SPO or medical representative as appropriate to correct any errors.

Verify your Reserve Points Statement in Direct Access is current, correct, and includes ALL military service. Submit a PPC Trouble Ticket if you believe your Points Statement to be in error. Make sure to submit all documentation appropriate to the issue.