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Customer CarePPC-DG-CustomerCare@uscg.mil

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Direct Access https://hcm.direct-access.uscg.mil
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Password Assistance
Note: Per the Department of Homeland Security Handbook for Safeguarding Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information, we are not able to provide password resets via telephone. 
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 Are you having trouble resetting your Direct-Access password? Select the + sign for more information!

To ensure the safety and security of our service member’s and civilian employee’s accounts, effective immediately, Customer Care will no longer send password resets for active/reserve military members or civilian employees to personal email addresses. All password resets will be sent to USCG.MIL email addresses only.

If your email address is not present or is incorrect, you will not be able to use the self-service password reset feature until your Business email address has been added to the system or is corrected. Contact your PSI/ P&A office or Servicing Pay Office (SPO) and ask them to update your address for you. They can perform this service for all Coast Guard personnel (Active Duty, Reservists and Civilians). Contractors and other non-USCG personnel/employees may contact PPC Customer Care or assistance. 

​Enhanced password controls were recently implemented in Direct Access to meet audit requirements.  Passwords must now be 15 characters in length, have a least 1 special character, 1 number, 1 upper case, and 1 lower case.  Passwords will expire every 35 days.  DA will remember your last 9 passwords (must use new password when resetting).  Accounts will lock (for 20 minutes) after 3 failed login attempts.

Password Reset Guidance

During a recent Direct Access (DA) system upgrade, the forgot password security question "What is your mother's maiden name?" was disabled in DA to reduce the possibility of a compromise of personally identifiable information (PII). For users who originally chose this as a security question, the hint question will now default to "What town were you born in?" but the ANSWER HAS NOT changed from what the user originally established for "What is your mother's maiden name?"

For those who have tried to use the Forgot Password feature and have been locked out of DA, please email ppc-dg-customercare@uscg.mil (click email address for template of required information) to request a temporary password. Once logged into DA, you will need to follow the user guide below to change your security question, answer, or both.

It is recommended that users who originally selected "What is your mother's maiden name?" as their Forgot Password security question, log into DA and follow the user guide below to change the security question, answer, or both.



Direct Access, Retiree/Annuitant, Travel Customer Care

Call 866-PPC-USCG (772-8724)
Available Support ~ 0730-1600 (Central time) M-F

Trouble Ticket Email: ppc-dg-customercare@uscg.mil 

How are we doing?

PPC Customer Care Ticket Template for Travel Inquiry mail 

Select link above to deploy email template or copy below and create a new email for customer care: ppc-dg-customercare@uscg.mil 

Please ensure you provide the following information in your PPC Customer Care Ticket so that PPC (TVL) receives the applicable information needed to process your inquiry:

1. Member's Name / Rank: (must be an AO E5/GS7 or above. If not, please see your local AO/Admin)

2. Member's EMPLID:

3. Member's Unit:

4. Role of member: (AO / Admin etc. Must be AO/SPO/Admin to submit a travel inquiry or request):

5. Date travel training was completed:

6. Action Requested: new account, systems inquiry etc:

7. Travel guide/web link used on the PPC travel page Travel (uscg.mil) if a system issue is the inquiry:

Submitting PPC Customer Care Trouble Tickets

Welcome to PPC Customer Care

Customer Care Branch (CCB) provides:

Travel Approving Officials support for travel claims: Travelers will work directly with their AOs to complete claims, resolve errors, and obtain information regarding claim status, audits, supplemental claims, travel policy, or requests for explanation of travel payments. This change will provide the most rapid resolution of member travel issues, will improve AO/traveler communications and efficiency, will improve AO proficiency and expertise, and will reduce overall claim processing and reimbursement times. If travelers call PPC Customer Care directly for assistance, Customer Care will direct callers to contact their AO.  If an issue cannot be resolved at the AO level, the AO can submit an electronic ticket only that will go to PPC Travel. 


It really helps to include a screenshot or required documents when contacting us by email. This instruction provides how to attach information. 

Adding Supporting Documents to PPC Trouble Tickets
MLINQS - Use this link for submitting topics related to mLINQS travel.  mLINQS Template Instructions


Servicing Personnel Office Auditors support for military HR/Pay issues: Customers are directed to contact their P&A Office for any errors or questions on pay and/or personnel issues.  If the P&A Office is unable to resolve it, the P&A Office is to contact the servicing SPO.  If the servicing SPO is unable to resolve the issues, the SPO will contact PPC. NOTE:  P&As that have transitioned under the PSI will work with the SPO as stated above. If they are unable to resolve the issues, the P&A Supervisor or SPO Payment Approving Official shall submit a ticket per the Task/Timeline attached to the Interim Technical Authority Guidance (PSCNOTE 5402). Customers should not be contacting PPC directly for any pay or personnel issues. We will continue to reroute inquiries directly from customers back to the serving SPO and contact the servicing SPO Chief to inform them that the ticket was rerouted. Some Trouble Tickets require specific information or formatting in order to be accepted and provide timely service. Be sure to include all the required information in the "Description of Problem/Request" section of the PPC Trouble Ticket email. 

It really helps to include a screenshot or required documents when contacting us by email. This instruction provides how to attach information. Adding Supporting Documents to PPC Trouble Tickets
LEAVE ACTIONS - Use this link for submitting topics related to general leave. Example Leave Audit SpreadsheetEXCEL to work from.

Leave Actions Template Instructions

LEAVE ACTIONS OTHER - Use this link for maternity, parental and adoption. Leave Actions Other Template Instructions
NET PAY VARIANCE (NP 500) - Use this link for net pay discrepancies. Net Pay Variance Template Instructions
OUT OF RANGE TRANSACTIONS - Use this link for transactions beyond 24 pay periods (guidance is provided within the template). Out of Range Template Instructions
REQUESTING PAY AUDITS - Use this link for a member's pay audit request. Pay Audits Template Instructions
RESERVE ORDER AMENDMENT-JOB DATA - Use this link for Job Data Corrections (guidance is provided within the template). Reserve Orders Template Instructions
TAX ISSUES - Use this link for tax issues and include the member's W-4. Tax Issues Template Instructions


Process incoming calls for Retired Pay Technicians: For retired pay issues, we create trouble-tickets for review and action by the assigned Retired Pay Technician. Our main mission is to assist you in finding solutions. You can call anytime during staffed hours (Monday - Friday), use the Direct Access User Guides, or submit a PPC TROUBLE TICKET (just a fancy way to say send us an email) to let us know the details of your issue. All Retiree questions and required forms can be found by using the Self-Service Section located on the PPC RAS page located here: Pay and Personnel Center (PPC), Retiree and Annuitant Services (uscg.mil).​