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Pay (Basic & Drill)


  • BAH/Housing Allowances:
  • Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA)
  • Critical Housing Areas: There are many areas within the Continental United States (CONUS) where military and community family housing are in critical short supply. In these areas members may experience difficulty locating suitable family housing. Members in receipt of Permanent Change of Station (PCS) to an area designated as a CHA may request to leave their primary dependent at a previous location or relocate them to an area outside the vicinity of their new PDS. If approved members will receive Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) and if applicable, Cost of Living Allowance in the Continental Unites States (CONUS COLA) for their primary dependents location. See Critical Housing Areas (COMDTINST 11101.15A) and 2022 Annual Review of Critical Housing Areas (ALCGPSC 024/22) for policy and procedures. 2022 CHAs are:

    A. Abbeville, LA (Zip Code 70511)
    B. Bellingham, WA (Zip Code 98225)
    C. Brownsville, TX (MHA TX281)
    D. Cape Charles, VA (Zip Code 23310)
    E. Cape May, NJ (MHA NJ198)
    F. Coos Bay, OR (MHA OR242) – New
    G. CG Special Missions Training Center, Camp Lejune, NC (Zip Code 28542)
    H. Coastal Maine (MHA ME141) 
    I. Demopolis, AL (Zip Code 36732) 
    J. Fort Bragg, CA (Zip Code 95437) 
    K. Freeport, TX (Zip Code 77541)
    L. Greenville, MS (Zip Code 38701)
    M. Houma, St. Mary, and Terrebonne, Louisiana (MHA LA326)
    N. Kearneysville, WV (MHA WV454) – New
    O. Keokuk, IA (Zip Code 52632)
    P. La Push, WA (MHA WA308)
    Q. Lake Charles, LA (MHA LA370)
    R. Menemsha, MA (Station) (MHA MA151)
    S. Neah Bay, WA (MHA WA308)
    T. Outer Banks, NC (MHA NC176)
    U. Port Angeles, WA (MHA WA308)
    V. Port O’Connor, TX (Zip Code 77982)
    W. Port Townsend, WA (Zip Code 98368) – New
    X. Quillayute River, WA (MHA WA308)
    Y. Provincetown, MA (Station) (Zip Code 02657)
    Z. Saugerties, NY (Zip Code 12477)
    AA. Southwest Harbor, ME (Zip Code 04679)
    BB. Venice, LA (Zip Code 70091)
    CC. Victoria, TX (Zip Code 77904)
    DD. Yankeetown, FL (Station) (Zip Code 34498)  
    FF.  Astoria/Warrenton, OR and Cape Disappointment/Illwaco, WA (MHA OR241)  (Effective 08 June 2022 per ALCGPSC 091/22)
    GG. Atlantic City, NH (MHA NJ196) (Effective 15 August 2022 per ALCGPSC 109/22)
  • Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) and government meal rates .

    Here are the 2023 BAS rates:

    (a) Officers: $311.68
    (b) Enlisted: $452.56

    Previous years BAS rates.

  • 2023 Enlisted Daily Standard Meal Rate (CGSMR) deduction: $11.85 per day. Note: Click here to learn more about BAS and payment for government provided mealsfile on pdf format.

    2023 Food Service Meal Rates (Ref: ALCGFINANCE 059/22): (unchanged from CY2022)

    Meal CG Standard
    Meal Rate
    Meal Rate
    Breakfast 2.55 4.10
    Lunch 4.65 7.70
    Dinner 4.65 7.70
    Midnight rations 2.55 4.10

    2023 Reserve IDT Subsistence Allowance:

    1. Breakfast - $2.55
    2. Lunch - $4.65
    3. Dinner - $4.65

    Cadet COMRATS. The subsistence allowance is applicable when in a leave or temporary duty status, and is equal to the daily rate for an enlisted member receiving Basic Allowance for Subsistence (ENL-BAS). Effective 1 January 2023, the daily rate is $15.085 Current Enlisted rate $456.56/30=$15.085

Saved Pay

The purpose of Saved Pay is to ensure that a member is not unduly penalized with a reduction in pay for accepting an appointment as either a chief warrant officer or as an officer. (Ref: Coast Guard Pay Manual, COMDTINST M7220.29 (series), Chap 12.H.).

PPC will determine whether the pay and allowances of the grade to which appointed equals or exceeds the pay and allowances of the former grade. In cases where the pay and allowances for the former grade exceed the pay and allowances of the new grade, the member is placed into a saved pay status. When the member is transferred to or from sea or overseas duty, completes an additional period of service, is affected by a statutory pay increase or other change which affects pay and allowances(*), pay will be recomputed and, if required, saved pay changes to the pay for the member’s current grade.

(*) When ANY change takes place affecting a Saved Pay member’s pay and allowances, the SPO/Admin will notify PPC via trouble ticket, and PPC MAS will re-compute member’s pay. This is very important for PCS transfers and promotions or demotions for members in a saved pay status.

Special Pay

  • Assignment Incentive Pay (AIP)
    • Assignment Incentive Pay - Assignment Incentive Pay for Cutters Undergoing Maintenance Periods (AIP-CMP)
      • Effective October, 1, 2022, the monthly rate of AIP-CMP is $200
    • Assignment Incentive Pay - Pre-commissioning Cutter Crews (AIP-PCC)
      • Effective September 1, 2022, the monthly rate of AIP-PCC is $200.
    • Assignment Incentive Pay - Remote & Austere Conditions (AIP-RAC)
      • Effective March 1, 2022, the following designated units and associated monthly rates of AIP-RAC are authorized for permanently assigned personnel who reside within the Military Housing Area (MHA) for their unit:
        Designated Unit  Rate (With Depns)    Rate (Without Depns)
        STA Brant Point         $500.00        $325.00
        STA Menemsha   $200.00    



  • Career Sea Pay 

Incentive Pay

  • Aviation Incentive Pay (AvIP). See  Aviation Incentive Pay (AvIP) and Bonus (AvB) Program, COMDTINST 7220.20, for more information.
    FY 2019: ALCOAST Commandant Change Notice (ACN) 089/18 announced rate increases to AvIP. These new rates are effective 1 October 2018:
    Monthly Avip Rates Effective 1 oct 2018
    AvIP is payable on a monthly basis in the amounts described in Table 1 of COMDTINST 7220.20 not to exceed
    $1000.00 per month to aviators while serving in a DIFOPS, DIFPRO, or AvIP-authorized DIFDEN assignment
    Monthly Maximum AvIP Rates YAS Monthly Maximum Amount
    2 or less $150
    Over 2 $250
    Over 6 $800
    Over 10 $1000
    Over 22 $700
    Over 24 $450

    Previous Rates

    Monthly Avip Rates 1 Jan to 30 Sep 2018
    AvIP is payable on a monthly basis in the amounts described in Table 1 of COMDTINST 7220.20 not to exceed
    $840.00 per month to aviators while serving in a DIFOPS, DIFPRO, or AvIP-authorized DIFDEN assignment
    Monthly Maximum AvIP Rates YAS Monthly Maximum Amount
    2 or less $125
    Over 2 $156
    Over 3 $188
    Over 4 $206
    Over 6 $650
    Over 14 $840
    Over 22 $585
    Over 23 $495
    Over 24 $385
    Over 25 $250
  • Aviation Career Incentive Pay (ACIP) (Terminated 31 Dec 2017)
    Monthly ACIP Rates
    Years of Aviation Service (including flight training) as an Officer
    2 or less $125
    Over 2 $156
    Over 3 $188
    Over 4 $206
    Over 6 $650
    Over 14 $840
    Over 22 $585
    Over 23 $495
    Over 24 $385
    Over 25 $250
  • Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay (Crew and Non Crew Flight Pay)
    • Non-crew Members (Officer and Enlisted): $150.00
    • Crew Member Flying Incentive Pay:
    Pay Grade Monthly Amount Pay Grade Monthly Amount Pay Grade Monthly Amount
    0-10 150.00 W-4 250.00 E-9 240.00
    0-9 150.00 W-3 175.00 E-8 240.00
    0-8 150.00 W-2 150.00 E-7 240.00
    0-7 150.00 W-1 150.00 E-6 215.00
    0-6 250.00     E-5 190.00
    0-5 250.00     E-4 165.00
    0-4 225.00     E-3 150.00
    0-3 175.00     E-2 150.00
    0-2 150.00     E-1 150.00
    0-1 150.00      
  • Flight Deck Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay (FDHDIP): Officer & Enlisted - $150.00 (monthly amount)
  • High-Pressure Chamber Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay (HDIP): Officer and Enlisted - $150.00 (monthly amount)
  • Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay for Visit, Board, Search and Seizure Boarding Teams (HDIP-VBSS): $150.00 (monthly amount)
  • Career Status Bonus (CSB): $30,000 Click for more information!.


ALCOAST COMDTNOTE 055/21; COVID-19: Special Leave Accrual (SLA) Update FY21

Per ACN 055/21  here are the maximum leave balance carryover for FY21–FY23:

    End date of FY:     Total Carryover Limit            
     Sept. 30, 2021    90 days
     Sept 30, 2022    75 days
     Sept 30, 2023    60 days