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U.S. Coast Guard 
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Legal Services Functions

Under the general direction and supervision of the Commanding Officer of  the Coast Guard Pay and Personnel Center, the PPC Legal Service Staff shall:

Provide legal counsel and advice to PPC on matters affecting internal PPC operations; and world-wide Coast Guard military pay operations affecting active duty, retiree, and annuitant members; and matters affecting CG-0944 when required in order to accomplish PPC's and Coast Guard's mission.

  • Serve as the Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) for Coast Guard members with sentences to confinement of 90 days or more AND with an unsuspended punitive discharge approved by the convening authority (See section 10-B-3 of the Personnel & Pay Procedures Manual, PPCINST M1000.2(series), for information)
  • Provide legal research/consulting/opinions to PPC Management and Branches.
  • Process State and Federal court orders for support, commercial creditors, pension division, Survivor Benefit Plan and bankruptcy.
  • File bankruptcy claims against Coast Guard debtors.
  • Review and forward court orders against Coast Guard civilians.
  • Serve as the Point of Contact for Judicial System and Court services.
  • Render unique dependency determination for Basic Allowance for Housing purposes.
  • Review legislation and Judicial actions for impact on PPC operations.
  • Serve as Freedom Of Information Act Control Officer and Privacy Act Coordinator.
  • Serve as Ethic’s advisor.