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Career Sea Pay Premium Start Date Calculator

This spreadsheet MS Excel Icon has dates fields on the second tab that will help you determine the correct date to use when starting Career Sea Pay Premium.

Basic Rules from CG Pay Manual, Chapter 4, Section C:

  1. Payable to members E-4 through O-6.

    (Note: While Career Sea Pay Premium isn't payable to members in pay grades E-3 and below, Sea Time accumulated while in pay grades E-3 or below counts towards Career Sea Pay Premium entitlement start date.)

  2. Career Sea Pay Premium begins on DAY 1 of the 37th MONTH of Consecutive Sea Duty.
  3. The rate of pay is $100 per month, based on a 30-day month. (Prorated for periods less than 30 days.)
  4. The 31st day is not counted for "Pay" purposes. However, for determination of entitlement termination while "TDY", the 31st day is counted. (e.g. When determining the last day of entitlement, the 31st day of the month is counted.)
  5. Career Sea Pay Premium is subject to Federal and State Income Tax - it NOT subject to FICA Tax.
  6. Career Sea Time counts for Premium when:
    1. Permanently assigned to a Career Sea Pay eligible vessel.
    2. Temporarily or Permanently assigned to a mobile unit other than for administrative duties.
    3. Temporarily or Permanently assigned to ship-based aviation unit or ship-based staff embarked on a Career Sea Pay eligible vessel
    4. Temporarily or Permanently assigned to a mobile unit to perform administrative duties and is embarked on a Career Sea Pay eligible vessel.

    Note: Sea Time counts even if the member wasn't entitled to Sea Pay as in the case of a member E-1 to E-3 or O-1 to O-3 who served on a vessel prior to October 2001 and had less than 3 years cumulative sea duty and were not eligible for career sea pay.

  7. Neutral Time for Career Sea Pay Premium:
    1. Permanently assigned to a ship-based staff and is not embarked on a Career Sea Pay eligible vessel.
    2. Temporarily or Permanently assigned to a mobile unit and is not entitled to Career Sea Pay.
    3. Normal delay en route on PCS transfer from on Career Sea Pay eligible vessel to another to include: Leave, Proceed Time, Travel Time, TDY. **This includes transfer to a pre-commissioning unit preparing a Career Sea Pay eligible vessel for placement in an active status and transfer to a decommissioning unit preparing a vessel for deactivation.
    4. TDY away from a Career Sea Pay eligible vessel greater than 30 days and not otherwise entitled.
    5. Temporarily assigned ashore due to: Limited Duty, HUMS, Hospitalization, or Sick Leave.
    6. Incurs deductible time due to: UA, Confinement, Non-Performance of Duty (i.e. Civil Arrest) , or Absence due to Misconduct.
    7. Is on one or more PCS school assignments with a total duration less than one year AND is between permanent assignments of two Career Sea Pay eligible vessels IF the training is necessary for the follow-on sea duty assignment. For example: A-School, C-School, and OCS. Personal profession development schools do not count. For example: Undergraduate and Post-graduate school, Staff or War College. A request for determination will be sent to CG-1332 when qualifying training / schooling exceeds one year.

NOTE: When using February 29th in your sea pay premium calculations, it may be necessary to compute the correct sea pay premium start date by hand. The reference for computing sea time can be found in Appendix C of the 3PM.

Career Sea Pay Premium Start Date CalculatorMS Excel Icon