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Unliquidated Travel Advances

In accordance with the DEC 2023 CG8-C memorandum (Interim Financial Policy – Unliquidated travel advances) each unit should run the “Unliquidated advance report” on a weekly basis and follow up with members who appear on the report.

For Unit- Unliquidated Advance Report Job Aid

Coming soon!!

As mLINQS full deployment “go live” is on the horizon, there will be webinars, additional training, new guides and more information coming in September. 

Discover mLINQS Latest Innovation

An automatic User Account Creation feature tailored for Relocating Members via the Employee Portal (which will be used on full deployment)! Say goodbye to manual onboarding profile hassles and hello to streamlined efficiency. Effortlessly provide access to new members as they submit vouchers, making relocation management a breeze! This feature will streamline account creation upon full deployment of mLINQS!   Click for details!!!

Pet Transportation Allowance Effective 1 JAN 2024 - JTR 050107 Pet Expenses Due to a PCS (Page 5A-2 of JTR) 

Frequently Asked Questions  - Defense Travel Management Office

A. Eligibility. A Service member on a PCS order is authorized reimbursement for mandatory quarantine fees for household pets. A household pet is a cat or a dog.

B. Allowances. Reimbursement for the actual cost of these fees is authorized, limited to $550 per PCS move.

C. Pet Quarantine Information. See Pet Quarantine Information and the DTMO website for more details.

D. Pet Transportation. Transportation for a household pet is not a reimbursable expense unless the transportation is due to an evacuation from a foreign PDS in accordance with par. 060204. 

E. Changes Effective 2024. On January 1, 2024, the following pet transportation allowances will apply:

1. Eligibility. A Service member on a PCS order with an effective date of January 1, 2024 or later, as defined in Appendix A, may be authorized reimbursement for the costs related to the relocation of one household pet that arises from a permanent change of station. A household pet is a cat or a dog, owned for personal companionship. A Service member is responsible for following rules for importing and exporting a pet to and from the United States in order to be eligible for reimbursement. Denial of entry could result in denial of reimbursement. See How to Compute a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Order’s Effective Date. 

2. CONUS. A Service member may be authorized the reasonable and substantiated cost of mandatory microchipping, boarding fees, hotel service charges, licensing fees at the new PDS, and pet shipping fees if the member flies rather than drives, or the pet is shipped separately from the member. Reimbursement for the actual cost of all expenses is limited to $550 per PCS move.

3. OCONUS. A Service member may be authorized the reasonable and substantiated cost of mandatory microchipping, quarantine fees, boarding fees, hotel service charges, licensing fees at the new PDS, testing titer levels for entry, and pet shipping fees if the member flies rather than drives, or the pet is shipped separately from the member. For transoceanic travel, use of Government or Government [1] procured transportation must be used if available or reimbursement for transportation costs is not authorized. Reimbursement for the actual cost of all necessary expenses described above in connection with the movement of a pet is limited to $2,000 per PCS move.



AK to CONUS Temp Workaround

Please find a temporary workaround to balance accounting correctly for AK to CONUS travel until the 13.1 mLINQS update. AK to CONUS Temp Workaround PDF


“Per DHS security standards an annual elevated privileges account recertification is required in the USCG travel apps. Elevated privileges now have a one-year shelf life before they expire (1 year after permissions have been granted). After 1 year, those privileges will have to be reinstated after completing the newest training mLINQS PCS travel application (uscg.mil), certifying the training completion and sending the PPC Customer Care template from our webpage”.

NOTICE: All YNs/ Admin E4 and above who have completed the required mLINQS training may have access to proxy members PCS claims in MLINQS - ONLY AOs E5/GS7 and above may input and/or approve authorizations in mLINQS.  CAC card log on is fully operational.  Please follow the "Single Sign On Guide" for access via CAC card.

mlinqs user guides


LOG IN HERE:  moveLINQ-Login - New Legacy Calculator Access Links


VIDEOS: Video is only accessible via CAC login.

mLINQS website demo video 

Please Visit PPC CCB for Travel Support Templates




mLINQS Single Sign On 
mLINQS Incremental Roll Out FAQ 06/23/2023
Alaska Marine Highway System PCS Authorization
Legacy Calculator Approving PCS Documents
Legacy Calculator Creating an Advance 03/06/2024
Legacy Calculator Creating a PCS Amendment
Legacy Calculator Creating a PCS Relocation and Authorization
Legacy Calculator Overview for PCS Process
Member to Member Married PCS Travel
No Cost PCS Relocation
Opening an Existing PCS Amendment
Opening an Existing PCS Authorization
Opening an Existing PCS Voucher
PCS En Route COT Travel Legacy Calc  02/06/2024
PCS En Route Crossing the International Date Line  07/26/2023
PCS En Route Flying  
PCS En Route Member and Dependents Travel Separately 09/20/2023
PCS En Route Mixed Modes 05/21/2024
Searching for an Existing Relocation
Setting My Assigned Relocations as the Default Screen in mLINQS
Unlocking an In Use Relocation
View, Add and Edit PCS Expenses
Viewing an Existing Authorization
























Approving a PCS Authorization - NOT YET ACTIVE
Creating a New PCS Authorization - NOT YET ACTIVE
Creating a PCS Amendment - NOT YET ACTIVE
Creating a PCS Voucher (Proxy) - NOT YET ACTIVE
Creating an Advance for PCS Entitlements - NOT YET ACTIVE