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​Pay & Personnel Center (ADV) Quarterly Data Integrity Newsletter

Welcome to the PPC ADV Quarterly Data Integrity Newsletter. This newsletter will cover the top 10 issues our Data Correction team has seen over the last 3 months and provide you with direction on how to correct or prevent these issues at the field level. We appreciate all your hard work in the field and our goal with this quarterly newsletter is to provide you with all the tools you need to succeed!

Transcripts of Sea Service (TOSS)

TOSS Purpose:

A TOSS is needed in applying for Merchant Mariner Licensing.

We Provide:

We provide Transcripts of Sea Service (TOSS) only for Coast Guard members, and former Coast Guard members, who want to receive their Mariners License. The TOSS will chronicle the vessels that a Coast Guard member served aboard during their career. This Sea Duty may have been on either a Sea Pay or Non-Sea Pay eligible vessels but must have been documented. However, we do not chronicle vessels on the TOSS form for sea time as a Cadet.

We do not provide:

We do not provide small vessel documentation, please go to the Merchant Maritime Center (NMC)  and download the Small Vessel Sea Service m CG-719S.

Note: We do not chronicle vessels on the TOSS form for sea time as a Cadet.

Supporting the Transition of Active Duty Service Members and Military Veterans Into the Merchant Marine

In order to ensure timely delivery of an accurate TOSS, and to meet the requirements outlined in Presidential Executive Order 13860, service members separating/retiring from the Coast Guard, who have creditable sea service and who desire to obtain a merchant license, shall submit a TOSS request no less than 90 days prior to the date of separation/retirement. Service members with creditable sea time who are separating/retiring and who are certain they will pursue a merchant license are encouraged to submit a TOSS request as early as practicable during their final tour.

To Request a TOSS

For TOSS requests the individual or SPO should contact PPC Customer Service by submitting a trouble-ticket or via fax to (785) 339-3765 and provide the following information:

  • Requestor's full name
  • Requestor's EmpID (or if no EmpID a SS#)
  • Requestor's approximate period(s) of service
  • Requestor's desired manner and address to have the TOSS sent to them (i.e., email or postal mail)
  • Latest DD-214s received upon leaving the service (if prior service)
  • A list of the vessels the member has served on and thinks should be included on the TOSS.

NOTE: Completion for a Transcript of Sea Service processing time remains above our normal level of 90 days or less.  As a result of numerous factors including staff transitions, we have a significant backlog of TOSS cases. We recognize the very real impacts and want to return to the normal processing time of up to 90 days.

While we have reorganized our work-flow process, we are continuing to dedicate staff to improve overall TOSS customer service time. Specifically, we have assigned a team to specifically work only these cases.

Last Modified   10/30/2019