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Reserve “A” School Coordinator:

YN3 Oscar Rivera Pellot (202) 795-6524

Reserve “A” School Supervisor:
YNC Carlton White (202) 795-6498
Email: Carlton.B.White@USCG.MIL

Most SELRES members have guaranteed Class “A” School upon enlistment with their Recruiter. However, if a unit is requesting a Class “A” School, the command is responsible for ensuring the member meets the prerequisites for the school, is motivated to complete the course, meets medical and dental readiness requirements and meets weight requirements.

Submission of Reserve “A” School Requests:

Requests must come from the Command Cadre or someone that has By Direction authority.

Reserve "A" School Request Form

SELRES seats are limited in each “A” School class.

“A” School requests should include 3 dates that are most convenient to the member’s schedule.

“A” School Schedules

Disenrollment’s and No Shows

If a member is disenrolled from “A” School, desires to cancel his/her class, or is a “no show” to “A” School, commands/members shall follow procedures in COMDTINST  M1500.10C Performance, Training and Education Manual.

Fault Disenrollment:

Students who are disenrolled from Class “A” School for misconduct, lack of effort or application to complete training, or disenrollment at members’ request, are considered to be Fault disenrollments. Such members are prohibited from applying for another Class “A” School for 12 months from date of disenrollment.

No Fault Disenrollment:

Students who are disenrolled from Class “A” School for academic, humanitarian, or for the good of the Service are considered to be No Fault disenrollments and, upon arriving at their new duty station, may request to be placed on another Class “A” School list.  Members who incur their second No Fault disenrollment will be assessed a Fault disenrollment and will be prohibited from applying for another Class “A” School for 12 months from date of last disenrollment.

No Shows:

Commands whose members fail to execute orders to a Class “A” School and do not request cancellation of orders prior to class convening shall send a message to
CG PSC-RPM-2 providing the reason for non-attendance at training.  The categories are as follows:

  • Administrative No knowledge of orders by Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) or command (requires explanation of situation).
  • Medical Member is not fit for duty.
  • Conflicting TDY Commitments Member had previous orders to other training or operational commitment.
  • Change in unit operational status (OPSTAT) The unit’s readiness required the member’s presence at the unit.
  • Family emergency or other hardship Non-military obligations or situations required the member’s absence from the Class “A” School.


Commands should carefully consider requests for “A” School cancellation. “A” School cancellations can negatively impact SELRES members careers and unit deployment capability.In appropriate circumstances, Commanding Officers may request that CG PSC RPM-2 cancel “A” School orders.All requests shall be made as soon as possible via email from commands to YNC Carlton White at:

“A” School Rating Changes:

Reservists are recruited to specific billets and are obligated to train for their assigned billet. Reservists may NOT request assignment to any “A” School other than the rating to which initially assigned by their recruiter. If a member is interested in changing “A” Schools they must route a memorandum request through their command to CG PSC-RPM-2: If the request is disapproved the member remains obligated to the original rating and must attend their scheduled “A” School.

Lateral Change in Rating Request:

Lateral FAQ

Reservists with a CG PSC RPM-1 approved lateral request shall include the lateral approval memo with their “A” school request and email to:

Security Clearances:

The following ratings require security clearances: GM, IS, IT, ME, OS, and PA

The security clearance package must include a Personal Security Action Form (CG-5588), which states the member is applying to an “A” School in the appropriate block. Lack of a security clearance package for the required ratings may delay the members “A” School attendance.

Member must have a favorably adjudicated SSBI to attend IS “A” School.

Waivers for security clearances will not be granted.

“A” School Orders

“A” School orders are issued by CG PSC-RPM-2 approximately 10 weeks prior to class convening via Direct Access Airport Terminal. If the command does not have access to DA, the unit should contact their SPO for the member’s orders.

  • PCS/DUINS: HS, ET or IT . Per JFTR, Chapter 5, PCS travel and transportation allowances are payable when the ADT period is 140 or more days at any one location. These SELRES members will be issued PCS orders to Training Center Petaluma and Return PCS orders back to their previous unit 3 weeks prior to graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

(Q) I’ve signed a contract to go to YN “A” School. Can I switch to ME “A” School?

(A) The member may submit the memo request via their chain of command; however, CG PSC-RPM-2 approval will be based on Service needs.

(Q) I’ve failed out of “A” School because of NJP, when can I reapply for “A” School?

(A) NJP is considered a “fault” disenrollment; the member cannot reapply for 12 months after disenrollment. Contact CG PSC-RPM-2 for clarification if you were dis-enrolled due to fault or no fault.

(Q) I have a Top Secret Interim Clearance; can I be placed on the IS “A” School list?

(A) Yes, however you must have a “Top Secret” clearance approved and reflected in Direct Access three (3) weeks prior to the IS “A” School class convening date to receive orders.

(Q) What happens if my “A” School class is cancelled?

(A) If your “A” School class is cancelled CG PSC-RPM-2 will work with you to reschedule you for another upcoming class convening.

(Q) If I need an amendment to my orders, does CG PSC-RPM-2 complete the amendment?

(A) No, your unit SPO will complete any amendment to your “A” School orders.

(Q) Once I pick my class convening date is it guaranteed that I will go on that date?

(A) No, sometimes class convening dates change requiring students to attend a different class.

(Q) Should I submit an Electronic Training Request (ETR) in Direct Access for my “A” School request?

(A) No, you should complete a Reserve “A” School request form and send it to the Reserve “A” School Coordinator.

(Q) Can I change my scheduled “A” School date to a different date?

(A) CG PSC-RPM-2 may work with you to attend at a different time if there are student cancellations.