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Obtaining a copy of your EI-PDR


Obtaining a copy of your Personnel Data Record (PDR)

Review COMDTINST M1080.10(series) which outlines the policies and authorized content of your USCG EI-PDR. The Records Section maintains and/or is responsible for the following records:

1. Active duty officer and enlisted electronic record (PSC IPDR) 2. Reserve officer and enlisted electronic record. (PSC EI-PDR) 3. Temporary Disability Retirement List (TDRL) 4. Shipment of retired personnel records to NPRC, St Louis MO.

Your PSC PDR is an electronically imaged copy of your Personnel Data Record or EI-PDR. It is your official Coast Guard PDR. This is why it’s very important for you to maintain a close relationship with your SPO and to understand how the PDR system works through review of the aforementioned PDR Instruction.


Active Duty & Reserve Members (Officer and Enlisted)


To receive a copy of your EI-PDR submit a digitally signed e-mail with EMPLID from your USCG.MIL email account. We recommend requesting your EI-PDR at least three months prior to your board to allow for any necessary updates. If you do not have access to a USCG.MIL email account please submit a completed and signed SF-180 to our office via fax.

Digitally signed e-mail requests may be sent to:

SF-180s may be faxed to 202-372-8440.

A military records technician will download your record to a PDF file and e-mail it back to you. Due to security and your privacy, these files will be sent as password protected PDF attachments.

Records over the 10MB e-mail attachment limit will be sent to you through the MLC Large File Upload Service. This often lands in your 'junk' e-mail folder when sent out. You must move it to your Inbox or it will not open.

We also suggest you download your record to a disk and delete the e-mail. We do NOT recommend forwarding your record to a home e-mail address through a commercial web carrier.

Viewing your record on site is no longer authorized. Please call 202-795-6375 if you need special arrangements made to review your EI-PDR.


Separated/Discharged Members

Submit a completed and signed SF-180 to either The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) or faxed to us. Please refer to page 3 of the SF-180 to find the appropriate location for you.

The NPRC is where all Coast Guard personnel records are shipped if you separated or retired prior to 1-Oct-2006. If you separated or retired after that date we will be able to assist you directly and you may fax your SF-180 to us at 202-372-8440.



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