Welcome to the U.S. Coast Guard Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC), Debit Card, and Travel Management Center Site.  This site includes the Government Travel Card (individual and centrally billed accounts) and the Travel Management Center (i.e. SATO) programs.
ETS supported by CWTSato Travel is the Coast Guards all-in-one travel system that will assist our members with booking travel, creating and approving orders and submitting travel claims. 
If any changes need to be made to an ADTRAV itinerary after September 30, your reservation will be refunded and the trip rebooked through CWTSATO.
The new ETS2 travel system will be a self-service program, designed to ease the administrative burdens on commands as well as members who are waiting on travel orders. It’s being launched as the DHS transitions to a new financial management and procurement system call the Financial System Modernization Solution (FSMS), with which ETS2 will interface.
All existing traveler profiles, including usernames, passwords, frequent flier numbers, DoD ID numbers/Known Traveler Number, Secure Flight Data, etc., will be transferred to the new TMC.  You are encouraged to log on to CWTSATO system on or after October 1 to ensure that your profile is up to date and loaded properly.
Updated sites for CWTSATO’s and Travelers will go live October 1 at https://www.dcms.uscg.mil/PSC/BOPS/PSC-BOPS-R/GOVTrvl and 
CWTSATO contact information, FAQs and log on instructions are available on the Government Travel Credit Card (GTCC) website CWTSato Job Aid link.
Travelers should direct any questions to their unit GTCC Travel Manager, who can be found on the contact Portals page.  GTCC Travel Managers with questions may contact:
Mr. Michael Duchossois at (703)254-7175 or Michael.A.Duchossois@uscg.mil or
Ms. Evelyn “Carlene” Curry at (703)258-5996 or Evelyn.C.Curry@uscg.mil
Travel Assist Teams - If you need assistance the Travel Assist Teams are available to help with this transition.  Feel Free to call them at 866-800-USCG (8724) during the business hours of 8am to 5pm, local.  Once you call the hotline you will be prompted to select a geographic region (west, central or east time zone) for regional customer care.  Members stationed OCONUS can select any region to connect with a team member.
CWTSato (E2 Solutions) Website
CWTSato TMCToll Free 800-753-7286; Collect 210-877-3302
El Sol TMC (USCG Alaska)844-977-1157; Collect 210-877-3302
CWTSato (E2 Solutions) HelpFor assistance eith ETS please contact the USCG Travel Assist Team
866-800-USCG or Email: HQS-SMB-CG-1332-TravelManagementOffice@USCG.mil
Hours of Operation: 0800 to 1700 est Monday-Friday (excluding Federal Holidays).
CWTSato/E2 Solutions Login IDUSCG-EMPLID (New ETS users will receive automated initialization email on Monday, October 4, 2021
GTCC Usage During Financial System Modernization Solution (FSMS) Implementation - As per ALCGPSC 087/21 Effective immediately, the policies restricting GTCC use is waived until completion of the new financial system cutover period. Please see ALCGPSC 087/21 for further information.
Travelers should contact their local Travel Managers for service {CLICK HERE}.  NOTE:  To determine who your Travel Manager is you need to know your Administrative Target Unit (ATU).  Normally this is your District (ie. First District is ATU 01, Fifth District is ATU 05, etc.).  With your ATU you can search the Travel Manager Roster located under the contacts link to find a Travel Manager at or near your unit within your respective ATU.  Any Travel Manager within your ATU has the ability to access your account information.    
Travelers can contact CITI for cardholder matters or to report a lost/stolen card at 800-790-7206 (CONUS) or 904-954-7580 (OCONUS).  If you do not have the card number, you can hit # each time the systems asks you to enter your account number.  After the entries of # you will get a CITI Representative. 


For programmatic issues, please contact:

Mr. Michael Duchossois  
Michael.A.Duchossois@uscg.mil or Ms. E. Carlene Curry Evelyn.C.Curry@uscg.mil   
           703-254-7175                                                            703-258-5996

Government Travel Charge Card Program Coordinator
Commander (PSC-BOPS-R)
Personnel Service Center U. S. Coast Guard, Stop 7200
2703 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE

Washington, DC 20593-7200


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