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Travel Manager - Either select the CITIMGR Non-Cardholder Quick Start User Guide or CITMGR Non-Cardholder End to End User Guide.  use the bookmarks below to jump to the topic of interest:

How do I get assigned as a Travel Manager?
What do I need to do if I am relieved as a Travel Manager?
How to request CITI BANK Auditor access.
Monthly Newsletters
How do I process a travel card application request?
Determining Cardholder Training Status
Travel Manager Tutorials


How do I get assigned as a Travel Manager?  

Step 1 - Complete required training (1.A and 1.B must be within the past 2 years): 
GSA OPC Training (ensure you register as "Other A/OPCs" with your EMPLID)
                  NOTE: If your EMPLID is not entered as the DISPLAY NAME you will not get credit!  Also ensure you complete the Travel for Program Coordinators Course (Travel Training and not the Account Cardholder course.) 

             B.  Complete DHS Travel Card Training via the CG LMS.
                   (Note - Click here for the Training Guide including how to print your transcript)

Step 2 - 
Prepare Travel Manager Designation memo and have it signed by your command.  Note - Each ATU (i.e. District) can only have one primary Travel Manager. 

Step 3 - Scan and e-mail the designation memo, and both training certificates/transcripts as a single merged adobe PDF file to The test score report for the DHS Travel Card Training from within the CG LMS will not be accepted, only the transcript will be accepted. 

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What do I need to do if I am relieved as a Travel Manager? 

Case 1 - If you are being relieved and not PCSing, then a relief letter is required. 
Please Click here for the Travel Manager Relief Letter.

Case 2 - If you are PCSing, our internal control process will note this and your access will be revoked automatically.  No relief letter is required in this case. 

How to request CITI Bank Auditor access:

Auditor level access provides read only access to the CITI Manager online system.  Auditors do not have the ability to change any cardholder data within the system.  Typically this access is limited to personnel at PPC and FINCEN in order to reconcile travel claims or process claims for split disbursement to CITI.  Other sites, such as a TRACEN may also consider requesting an AO also be delegated as an auditor to improve internal controls over potential misuse by the students.  If your command has a valid need to establish a GTCC auditor, please use this GTCC Auditor request template and submit to HQS-SMB-CGPSC-CITI-GTCC to the GTCC Program Manager for consideration. 

Monthly Newsletters: 

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Archived Newsletters

Valuable information from past newsletters can be found by searching the GTCC Newsletter Index.  Just click this link to the GTCC Newsletter Index and you can sort by month or by article.  Each line will link you to that monthly newsletter and you can easily locate the information you are searching for.  The index will direct you to the month/year of the article as well as the page number in that newsletter edition.

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How do I process a travel card application request?
CLICK HERE for up to date GTCC application processing instruction, whether online or paper processing. 

Determining Cardholder Training Status  To determine the most current status of a cardholder’s required DHS Travel Card Training, download the status of the cardholder training from CGBI as follows: 

1)  Go to CGBI using the following link
2)  In the search field enter “Government Travel Card Training” and select SEARCH
3)  The Government Travel Card Training report should be at the top of the search results; select launch this report.
4)  Select your specific organizational level and then run the report

Travel Manager Tutorials.  Click here to view available Travel Manager Tutorials.

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