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TRAVEL MANAGER Look-up Tool (CAC required)  NOTE:  This new roster will allow you to simply enter your Employee ID (EMPLID) and will generate a list of your local Travel Manager email addresses.  If your unit does not have a Travel Manager listed, the Administrative Target Unit (ATU) that you are assigned to will be generated.  With your ATU you can search the Travel Manager Roster located under the contacts link to find a Travel Manager at or within your respective ATU.  Any Travel Manager within your ATU has the ability to access your account information. 

CITI Customer Service can be reached at 800-790-7206 (CONUS) or 904-954-7850 (OCONUS).  If you do not have the card number, you can enter # each time the system prompts you for the account number.  After three entries of #, you will get a CITI Customer Service Representative. 

CWTSato Contact Information - see the Traveler Information page under How Do I Make Travel Reservations?