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Government Travel Charge Card:

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Where do I get help?
How do I get a Government Travel Card?
How do I get my travel card back after the account gets closed for delinquency or misuse?
CG Reservists Who are Civilian Employees for other Components
How do I access my GTCC account online?
How do I dispute a charge?
How are Cash Advance fees calculated?
What do I do if I am traveling and my card is declined?
Am I exempt from paying state taxes  when I use my GTCC?
When traveling in a foreign country should I pay for purchases in U.S. or local currency?

Where do I get help  For questions and issues that involve your CITI Bank account, call the travel card bank directly at 800-790-7206 (INCONUS) or 904-954-7850 (OCONUS) for questions or to report a lost/stolen card.  You can also visit for account information. 

Also, provided is the list of local GTCC Travel Managers who may assist you in your travel card issues.  Any Travel Manager assigned to your ATU (i.e. District, Area or HQ unit) can assist you.    Please click here to view the Travel Manager Roster.

How do I get a Government Travel Card

On-Line Process: This is currently the only process option for all new applications for the new travel card bank with CITI.  You can access the instructions for this online GTCC application by CLICKING HERE to begin this process.  Be sure to follow these instructions in order as they are written to ensure a smooth application process.

For instructions on completing the DHS Mandated Travel Card training course  (via the Coast Guard Learning Portal-click here for step-by-step instructions)  This GMT is required every two years for all GTCC holders.        

Paper-Process:  This process is not available at this time. 

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How do I get my travel card back after the account gets closed for delinquency or misuse?   A travel card account may be considered for reinstatement if the account was closed for misuse or delinquency after 36 months from date of closure.  Please review COMDTINST 4600.18 (series) to verify if you are eligible for reinstatement.  Email for details on this process with the new travel card bank (CITI). Note-Accounts closed for lapse of current training or not activating the card do not require a reinstatement. Instead, please use the routine online application process.  {Reinstatement Request Memo Template}             
CG Reservists Who are Civilian Employees for other Components  CG reservists who work for other components/agencies, are allowed to have both a CG card and a card for their "day job".  Both can be active.  All CG Reservist accounts are flagged by JPMC as reserve accounts to allow the application for the other component to be processed without delay. 
How do I access my GTCC account online?  Follow the INSTRUCTIONS in this tool for easy online account access using CITIManager.  Citibank cardholders can access their account through .

How do I dispute a charge?  If you believe that a transaction on your statement is in error you can dispute the transaction within CITIMGR (refer to the CITIMGR Quick Start Users Guide located on the Job Aids page on this site) or by calling CITI Customer Service.  You must notify CITI within 60 days from the statement billing date of the disputed charge.  Any notification received after this time frame may result in CITI's inability to assist you with your dispute.  Please be advised that Visa requires that attempts be made to resolve your dispute with the merchant before notifying them.  

How are Cash Advance fees calculated?   Cash Advance Fees:  CITI charges $4.50 for transactions from an ATM or bank teller.  This appears on the cardholder's statement as a separate line item.  Any other fees that are included in the line of the amount withdrawn are assessed by the ATM owning bank.  As an example in the case of a $300 cash withdraw, the ATM bank assessed fee is $3 and then CITI charges $4.50 for a total cost of $7.50 in fees.  No other underlying fees are applied.  Both fees can be filed on the travel claim as a reimbursable expense for civilian employees only.  As of 1 Oct 2014, the JTR considers these fees to be part of the per diem rate and does not allow reimbursement of these fees for military personnel.  But travelers should be counseled to limit their ATM usage to the greatest extent possible by using the Travel Card and not taking multiple small dollar amount ATM withdrawals.


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GTCC and PCS-TLE/TLA:  With transfer season approaching, we wanted to direct your attention to what is appropriate GTCC use for PCS travel.  GTCC use is mandatory for PCS travel UNLESS travel exceeds 15 days.  If the duration of the PCS travel will exceed 15 days, including leave, compensatory absence, proceed time, and TDY in conjunction with the PCS, the card SHALL NOT be used.  However, this restriction does not apply to Temporary Lodging Authorization (TLA).  The GTCC may be used to cover hotel and meal expenses in conjunction with the TLA entitlement, but reimbursement claims must be submitted every 15 days to allow for timely payment of the monthly GTCC bill.  In the case of Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE) moves, the card may be used subject to the 15-day rule addressed above.

What do I do if I am traveling and my card is declined?:  Travelers should always first try to contact one of their local GTCC Travel Managers to resolve problems with their travel card.  Infrequent travelers, should contact their local GTCC Travel Manager prior to departing to ensure their card has been activated with the appropriate credit limits set to avoid the most common decline issues.  However in the event that travelers are not able to reach their local Travel Manager after hours, CITI Bank is available to assist travelers. 

Am I exempt from paying state taxes  when I use my GTCC?  Although the purchase cards under the GSA Smartpay Contract have the correct numbering for tax exemption, the travel cards do not.  In the case of the travel cards, the exemption status and form requirements vary from state to state.  The new CITI travel cards have the CG's tax identification number embossed under the cardholder name which will assist the cardholder in those states that provide a tax exemption.  Which states provide for a tax exemption when using the GTCC and what their specific requirements are can be found at:   GSA State Tax Information (you are leaving this USCG website)  or at GSA Mobile Site via your smartphone - State Tax Information (you are leaving this USCG website) 

When traveling in a foreign country should I pay for purchases in U.S. or local currency?  When making non-U.S. dollar denominated purchases, it is recommended that cardholders not request a transaction be processed in any specific currency unless the cardholder is able to confirm with the merchant that the transaction costs will be lower than that available through the typical GSA SmartPay® currency conversion process.  More details are provided in the attached GSA Smart Pay2 Bulletin.






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