Fixed & Floating ATON Specifications

Number     Date                                        Title
199-J Dec 2000       Fabrication of Plastic Aids to Navigation Battery Boxes
205-F Ch 1      Jul 2001 Buoy Lantern for Maritime Aids to Navigation
234-E Mar 2003 Photoresistors for Solid State Flashers
261-C Feb 1999 Wiring Kits for Aids to Navigation Lighting Apparatus
342-A Ch 1 Apr 2001 Aids to Navigation Bird Springs
357-D Mar 2000 Buoy Bells and Gongs
360-H Jun 2002 Buoy Bell and Gong Tappers
362-G Mar 2000 Buoy Bell and Gong Stands
363-B Oct 2012 Ice Buoy Gasket Kit
364-B Mar 2000 Stainless Steel Ice Buoy Parts
374-E Mar 2000 Aluminum Radar Reflectors
377-L Jan 2011 Buoy Chain and Bridles
381-E Mar 2000 Buoy Whistle and Whistle Valve
382-C Mar 2000 Buoy Vent Valves
385-C Mar 1999 Solar Power Aids to Navigation Installation Kit
390-E Apr 1996 Marine Cable, Power and Control
392-C Feb 1999 Standard Battery Load Tester
393-A Ch 1 May 1996 High Intensity Retroreflective Films
397-A Dec 1997 9x32LWR Buoy Power Distribution Box and Wiring Kit
401-C Mar 2005 Solar Photovoltaic Arrays for 12 VDC Marine ATON
406-E Ch 2 Apr 2003 Batteries for Ice Buoys
407-A Mar 2000 Concrete Buoy Sinkers
409-A Ch 1 July 1995 14 inch Range Lantern
417-D Nov 2000 Buoy Shackles and Swivels
418-A Aug 2002 Fabrication of Buoy Mooring Pins
450-F May 2009 Ionomer Foam Buoys
455-D Mar 2000 River Buoys
460-I May 2010 Buoy Solar Battery Boxes
461-G Mar 2000 Buoy Solar Panel Frames
464-K Aug 2013 Steel Ocean Buoys
471-B Feb 1999 Solar Battery Load Tester
472-B Mar 2000 Discrepancy Buoy
473-A Aug 2007 Colored Elastomeric Films
477-B Ch 1 Mar 1997 Collision Tolerant Pile Structure (CTPS)
478 May 1997 12 VDC, 110 Watt, Six Place Lampchanger
481-A Jun 2004 12 Volt,110 Watt, Solid State Flasher
484-B Mar 2000 Battery Pocket Covers
487-A Apr 2000 12 Volt DC Marine Signal Lamps
491-A Feb 2002 Plastic Buoys
493-A Ch 1 Mar 2004 12 VDC Solid State Programmable Flasher
497 May 1999 Vertically Mounted Solar Panel Frames
498-A Jan 2002 Medium Intensity Light Emitting Diode (LED) Buoy Lantern
499-A Mar 2000 Topmark Stands and Lantern Bridges
500 Mar 2000 Buoy Lift Eyes
501 Jan 2004 Solar Aid Controller III
502 Ch 4 Aug 2005 Self-Contained Light Emitting Diode (LED) Buoy Lantern
503 Ch 4 Aug 2005 Self-Contained Light Emitting Diode (LED) Fixed Aid Lantern
504 Ch 2 Dec 2008 Universal 12 VDC Programmable Flasher