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Aspiring Leader Program (500926)

About the Course

The Aspiring Leader Program, conducted by the Graduate School, USA, prepares federal employees for positions as team leaders, supervisors and managers. The program is designed to strengthen basic competencies in oral and written communication, problem solving, leadership, interpersonal skills, self-direction, flexibility, customer service, and decisiveness.

The training requires participants to be away from their primary duties for two, one-week, sessions over a two-month period. The program components include:

1. A team project that involves the design and delivery of a one-hour presentation on a management related topic
2. An individual needs assessment (covering Leadership Effectiveness Inventory (LEI) and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)
3. Formulation of a leadership development plan
4. A one-week assignment "shadowing" a federal manager
5. One-on-one interviews with federal managers
6. The reading and preparation of a written review of two books on management issues

Assignments to be completed outside of resident convenings include at a minimum: a team project, individual needs assessments, a leadership development plan, one-on-one interviews with federal managers, readings and written reviews of books on management issues.

Members should plan to spend an average of 3-8 hours per week outside of the resident sessions to complete assignments.

This commitment must be clearly understood by all applicants and their supervisors.

"The classroom was a true learning environment; we were pushed out of our comfort zones and encouraged to try new techniques in writing, public speaking and networking. I'm setting my goals higher now because I know where I should be aiming my efforts and I am confident in my abilities." - Amanda Dunnie, USCG 2019 ALP Graduate

"If you are looking for the confidence and guidance to get to the next level in your career, this is it!" - Gary Hayden Heyer, USCG 2019 ALP Graduate

School Information

Congratulations to the FY22 Leadership Development Program selectees!

Class Convening Dates

30 Oct - 3 Nov 2023
4 - 8 Dec 2023


GS 4-6, Non-appropriated Fund (NAF) NF 2-3, and equivalent wage grade levels (WG 5-11, WL 1-14, WS 1-8)


Applications must be received by the Coast Guard no later than 1 Feb 2023

Application Procedures

To apply:

  1. Coordinate with your Training Officer or ESO to submit an Electronic Training Request (ETR) using Direct Access. Course code: 500926.
  2. Submit a current resume, or equivalent documentation, signed and dated by the applicant showing a current home address. Resumes or equivalent documentation shall not exceed one page.
  3. Include a letter of nomination in CG memo format from the commanding officer at field units or appropriate office/division chief for HQ, Area, District or Sector staffs. The letter of nomination should contain the following information:
    1. Please state how participation in the Aspiring Leader Program will support member's career goals.
    2. Address the applicant's potential performance.
    3. How the member will apply what they have learned in their current and future federal government positions.
    4. Address the applicant's potential as a leader.
  4. Scan the documents (in paragraphs 2-4 above) into a .pdf file and send as an email attachment Include the course title within the subject line of the email.
  5. Once the student is selected by the CG, a CG-128 POC will contact the student to complete an online Graduate School Application Form

For more information about the Graduate School USA Program Higher Reach Student Information System (SIS), click here.

NOTE: DO NOT submit application directly to Graduate School, USA prior to being notified by CG-128.
Costs are paid by Coast Guard Headquarters (AFC 56 "C" school account).

Selection Procedures

1. A selection panel will review the documents of all eligible applicants.
2. Selected individuals will be notified by record message traffic of their selection.
3. Alternates will be selected and will attend the program in the event a primary candidate cannot attend.
4. Selected individuals will be directed to submit a completed SF182, including the signed Continued Service Agreement (pages 4-5 of the SF182).

Program Manager

Kin Szeto, phone 202-475-5515, email

Additional Information

For additional information (including conveying dates, prerequisites, location, etc.) please visit the TQC website.


For course information conflicts between DCMS-DPR-5 website and TQC website, DCMS-DPR-5 takes precedence.