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Executive Potential Program (500915)

About the Course

The Executive Potential Program, conducted by the Graduate School, USA, is a year long competency-based leadership program designed to develop senior-level public service employees into more effective leaders. The program is based on the Office of Personnel Management's Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and the Graduate School, USDA's Leadership Effectiveness Inventory (LEI).

Participants engage in classroom discussions, group exercises, learning teams and independent studies. The program challenges its participants to step outside their comfort level, to sample new environments and to stretch, grow, contribute and make a difference.

Assignments to be completed outside of class hours include at a minimum: two 60-day developmental rotational assignments, individual feedback assessments, a leadership development plan, experiential learning teams/projects, senior executive interviews, and shadowing assignments.

Members should plan to spend an average of 20 hours per week outside of the resident sessions to complete assignments.

The training requires participants to be away from their position for four, one week, sessions over a one year period. The program components include:

1. Two 60-day developmental work assignments
2. 360-degree feedback assessment Leadership Effectiveness Inventory (LEI)
3. Leadership development plan
4. Experiential learning teams/projects
5. Senior executive mentor
6. Senior executive interviews and shadowing assignments
7. Benchmarking

School Information
Learn more on how to be the best executive you can be with OPM's Executive Development Best Practices Guide.


Participant Objectives

Strengthen needed competencies in such leadership skills as creativity and innovation, external awareness, conflict management, team building, customer service, accountability, financial management, human resource management, partnering, etc.

Program Duration

9 Sept 2024 - 12 Sept 2025

Virtual Session Dates

9-13 Sept 2024
13-17 Jan 2025
5-9 May 2025
2-12 Sept 2025


GS 13-15 and equivalent wage grade levels (WS 14-18 and WL 14).


All Applications must be received by the Coast Guard no later than 1 Feb 2024.

Application Procedures

To apply:

  1. Coordinate with your Training Officer or ESO to submit an Electronic Training Request (ETR) using Direct Access. Course code: 500915.
  2. Submit a current resume, or equivalent documentation, signed and dated by the applicant showing a current home address. Resumes or equivalent documentation shall not exceed one page.
  3. A cover memo signed by the first Flag Officer or SES in the applicant's chain of command. This cover memo will serve both as a statement of recommendation and a commitment to provide the time and sponsorship for program completion should the applicant be selected. The letter of nomination should contain the following information:
    1. Please state how participation in the Executive Leader Program will support member's career goals.
    2. Address the applicants' potential performance.
    3. How the member will apply what they have learned in their current and future federal government positions.
    4. Address the applicant's potential as a leader.
  4. Scan the documents (in paragraphs 2-4 above) into a .pdf file and send as an email attachment Include the course title within the subject line of the email.
  5. Once the student is selected by the CG, a CG-128 POC will contact the student to complete an online Graduate School Application Form.

For more information about the Graduate School USA Program Higher Reach Student Information System (SIS), click here.

NOTE: DO NOT submit application directly to Graduate School, USA prior to being notified by CG-1D2.

Selection Procedures

1. A selection panel will review the documents of all eligible applicants.
2. Selected individuals will be notified by record message traffic of their selection.
3. Alternates will be selected and will attend the program in the event a primary candidate cannot attend.
4. Selected individuals will be directed to submit a completed SF182, including the signed Continued Service Agreement (pages 4-5 of the SF182).

Program Manager

Kin Szeto, phone 202-475-5515, email

Additional Information

For additional information (including conveying dates, prerequisites, location, etc.) please visit the TQC website.


For course information conflicts between DCMS-DPR-5 website and TQC website, DCMS-DPR-5 takes precedence.