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DHS Leader Development Program

About the Program

The mission of the DHS Leader Development Program (LDP) is to lead the DHS-wide development-related strategies, systems, policies, tools and communities of purpose that are instrumental to enabling a culture and practice of effective leadership to support and sustain a proficient, engaged and mission-capable workforce.    ​

​The LDP utilizes DHS-specific Leader Development Competencies and a DHS-wide Leader Development Framework to outline the minimum development necessary for proficiency at all leader levels. ​

​This Framework, which breaks down each level of leadership into separate developmental “stones”, identifies roadmaps for required and best-practice development activities at each level, and includes the Leadership Bridges strategy to encourage development in advance of accession to increased levels of leadership responsibility. 


Stone Levels

  1. Foundations & Milestone (Nonsupervisory)

  2. Cornerstone (First-Line Supervisor)

  3. Keystone (Second-Line Manager)

  4. Capstone (Executive/SES)



 graphic is a chart explaining DHS Leader Development Program Framework.



Leadership Matters​

Leadership Matters are monthly communications designed to educate leaders on specific ​DHS leader competencies and to provide development tips along with Skillsoft resources such as books and videos that develop and support DHS leader competencies.​

Previous publications are also available.


Leader Development Learning Café

This series provides real-time and practical development opportunity regardless of the level at which you lead. It is also a great way for DHS supervisory leaders to satisfy part of their DHS Continuous Leader Development annual competency development requirement. 

The Learning Café series is designed for participants to learn from seasoned leaders, practitioners and subject matter experts who engage in dialogue, share practical insights, lessons learned, and tips to enhance leadership competencies. Each 45-minute session will feature a speaker from various Components, a presentation, informal interview-style discussion, with opportunities for participants to engage in Q&A.

The FY23 Leader Development Learning Café series theme is Multi-Dimensional Leadership for a Multi-Dimensional World with an emphasis on the critical role leaders at levels play in touching, transforming and inspiring lives – while being transformed, touched and inspired in return.  In light of the challenges overcome in recent years, the series will focus on increasing leaders' self-awareness and others; the importance of human-centeredness in decision making, and meeting people where they are, to help them get to where they want to be.  By remembering our workforce is comprised of 230,000 unique individuals, leaders are charged to elevate the workforce and mission by leading through the lens of resilience, compassion and innovation.  

Grab your afternoon coffee, dial 1-888-222-1609, and join via Adobe Connect to attend the live event. No registration or pin code is required.  

Podcasts and materials will be available following each event. 

View Archived Learning Café sessions here.


Program Manager

Alyssa Lombardi, (202) 475-5516 or