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Welcome to the Team Leader Facilitator Page!


Registering as a Team Leader Facilitator:


If you've completed the Team Leader Facilitator (TLFAC) course, your skills are in high demand! Fill out the form below to add your name to the TLFAC Database. 

As a volunteer, you may be requested to facilitate meetings, events, team leadership activities, process improvement and more. You will be matched for a meeting or event request based on your level of expertise, availability date and geographic location.

Team Leader Facilitator.docmTeam Leader Facilitator.docm​


Requesting a Team Leader Facilitator​ to Lead Your Meeting:


Need a qualified individual to facilitate your meeting or event? Submit a request form to be matched with a Team Leader Facilitator in your area! 

All TLFAC volunteers have completed the TLFAC course and are fully trained for performance improvement in meeting management, facilitation skills and tools, team leadership, incentives, and process improvement.​

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Questions or comments? Contact us at HQS-SMB-CG-128-LeadershipDevelopment@uscg.mil 


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