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Direct Access (DA) will not be available from 5:00 AM (Central Time) on Saturday, October 2, 2021 until 5:00 AM (Central Time), Tuesday, October 5, 2021. Access will be limited to only those users who will be performing tasks associated with security update and data center move.

DA will not be available from 5:00 PM (Central Time) on Friday, October 29, 2021 until 3:00 PM (Central Time), Saturday, October 30, 2021. Access will be limited to only those users who will be performing tasks associated with security update and data center move.

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Effective September 17, 2021, WebNow will be upgraded to "Perceptive Experience". This upgrade only impacts the “view only” or web version – which is currently called WebNow, but is being upgraded to “Perceptive Experience”. New user access requests do not need to be completed. Users who previously logged into the WebNow link will now log into the Perceptive Experience URL using their old WebNow user ID and PW. This upgrade does not impact Perceptive Content, which is used for uploading documents. The SPO Access to the Electronically Im​aged PDR (EI‑PDR) user guide has been updated to reflect the upgrade. The URL for Perceptive Experience is https://imgprd01.direct-access.uscg.mil/experience. They system cannot be accessed outside of the Coast Guard network using the URL. The URL is not needed when accessing Perceptive Experience via Direct-Access.

Pay & Personnel News Updates from our Branches

Temporary BAH Increase - Flag Voice 561


Colleagues, I am happy to report the Secretary of Defense has approved a temporary Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) increase to 56 Military Housing Areas (MHAs) across the United States. Of these, there are 5 MHAs receiving a 20% increase, 11 MHAs receiving a 15% increase, and 40 MHAs receiving a 10% increase over the current 2021 BAH rates.

These temporary rates are effective from 01 October 2021 to 31 December 2021, at which time they will be superseded by the promulgation of BAH rates for CY22. The MHAs and rates as well as the process for requesting this temp increase can be viewed at: Military Personnel Policy (CG-133) | U.S. Coast Guard (uscg.mil).

This is not a blanket increase; to apply for the temporary increase, a member will need to submit an application as well as certify that their increased housing costs are related to COVID-19 and exceed their regular authorized BAH. There is some flexibility though; if a member was paying more in rent and utilities than their authorized BAH rate prior to the pandemic, and can demonstrate with housing and utility records an additional increase in housing expenses over this pre-COVID-19 housing cost, the increased temporary BAH rate may be authorized from date of increased expense (but not before 1 Oct 2021) through 31 Dec 2021.

A variety of communications products are forthcoming to help inform our people and your staffs. Given the short turnaround between now and the first day of eligibility for these rates, I have verified that payments of approved increases will be grandfathered upon receipt and approval of an application.

Eric C. Jones
Rear Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard
Assistant Commandant for Human Resources

Temporary BAH Rate Increase Resources (from Military Pay & Compensation Division (CG-1332)):


  1. Temporary BAH Rate Increase – Approved Locations
  2. Temporary BAH Rate Increase – Approved Locations – All Rates by Approved Locations
  3. Flow Chart – Temporary BAH Rate Increase
  4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Temporary  BAH Rate Increase
  5. Procedures – Temporary BAH Rate Increase
  6. USCG Application - Temporary BAH Rate Increase Updated 29 Sep 2021