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Work-Life is a division in the Health, Safety, and Work-Life Department of Base Los Angeles/Long Beach.

We must all strike a balance between our Coast Guard work and private life needs.

The Work Life staff is well suited to handle this balance and many issues that either an individual, family or unit may encounter. All active duty, Coast Guard Civilian and their dependents, retirees and reservists are welcome to our resources. The Base Los Angeles/Long Beach Work-Life office serves units in the District 11 South AOR, including all units from Morro Bay to San Diego, and in Nevada and Arizona.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Military OneSource has provided a great DV Prevention Toolkit - check it out!

View ALCOAST 338/18 for a message from CG-11.

View the Joint Chiefs 2018 DVAM Memo

Mission Statement

The ultimate goal of the Work Life Program is to keep Coast Guard members and their families physically, psychologically, spiritually, and financially healthy. By doing so, it allows Coast Guard Members to perform Coast Guard missions fully and safely without distraction. We do this by providing required unit training and individualized training, guidance, information, and referral services on a variety of Work-Life topics.

Introducing CGSUPRT!

The CG SUPRT Program provides confidential professional counseling, education, and referral services to you and your family members. Help is available for issues such as marital and family problems, drug abuse, depression and anxiety, work/life balance, work-related concerns and career issues. Confidential help is available 24 hours a day. Download the fact sheet here.

Handy Work Life Resources Flyer

Here is a one-page listing of all the resources available at Work Life. Why not give each new employee a copy? Click here: Work Life Resources Flyer

Contact Us

  • HSWL Regional Practice Manager:  (510) 437-3189
  • HSWL Deputy Regional Practice Manager: (310) 521-6126
  • Work Life Office Supervisor: (510) 437-5981
  • Sexual Assault Response Coordinator: (510) 437-3446   
  • Employee Assistance Program Coordinator: (310) 521-6136
  • Family Advocacy Specialist: (310) 521-6133
  • Transition Relocation Manager: (619) 278-7117    
  • Ombudsman Program Coordinator: (619) 278-7117
  • Family Resource Specialist: (310) 521-6134