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Base Los Angeles/Long Beach Work-Life Division Transition Assistance Program

Transitioning from the Coast Guard to civilian life can be more challenging than expected. To prepare members separating or retiring from the Coast Guard for this transition, the VOW Act of 2011 and ALCOAST 383/14 requires that all eligible members complete the standardized components of the Transition Assistance Program (TAP).

Standardized components of the TAP:

  • Pre-Separation Counseling - Pre-Requisite for TGPS
  • Department of Labor (DOL) Employment 3-day Workshop - Included in TGPS
  • Veteran Affairs Benefits Briefing - Included in TGPS 
  • e-Benefits Premium account enrollment -  Pre-Requisite for TGPS 
Transition Goals, Plans, Success (TGPS):
TGPS, formerly known as TAPS, is required of all members separating or retiring from active duty. This five-day course is designed to provide you with information to help ensure a smooth transition from military to civilian life. Information offered in the class includes career assessments, employment and resume preparation, benefits info, financial planning, and other valuable resources 

TGPS Pre-Work
(Please read prior to requesting a class!)

TGPS Schedule

TGPS Request Form (NOTE: Personal/home email addresses are requested in the event emergent or weather issues require after-hours notification.)

**If your desired course is not listed in the TGPS Request Form, complete the form and hit "Submit". Then, in the email that is generated, include your desired course location and dates in the body.**

If requesting a DOD course, additional personal information may be required and will be requested by separate email from the Transition Manager

NOTE: Initiation of your DD-2648 e-Form and Pre-separation Counseling are prerequisites to requesting a Transition GPS seminar. If you have not completed these prerequisites, your request will be rejected and returned with no action taken. Instructions on completing both prerequisites can be found in the TGPS Pre-work (above).

Office of Work-Life Programs Transition Assistance Program (TAP)
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