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Direct Access will not be available from Saturday, March 25, 2023, from 0600 (EST) until Tuesday, March 28, 2023, at 0600 (EST). This outage is necessary for an upgrade and modernization to Direct Access.  For more information see ALCOAST 057/23.


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Pay & Personnel News Updates from our Branches

Avoiding Expected Active Duty Termination Date Payroll Errors



End of enlistment processing has changed with the implementation of DA Global Pay. Under Global Pay, if a member's end of enlistment falls within the current pay calendar, there must be an approved separation order or approved retention document (reenlistment/extension/re-extension) before payroll for the Coast Guard can be finalized.

Error Condition

If a member's end of enlistment falls within the pay calendar and an approved separation or approved retention document is not completed prior to payroll finalization, the member will be removed from payroll and will not receive pay and allowances for that pay cycle.  SPOs are responsible for completing the appropriate action in Direct Access after payroll finalizes and the next pay calendar is opened.  SPOs must then request a special payment for retained members.

Effect on reenlistments, extensions and re-extensions

Reenlistments, extensions and re-extensions for the current pay calendar cannot be executed after payroll finalization since they cannot be approved until the date of signing.

  • For example, a member with an end of enlistment on 28 March cannot sign a reenlistment contract on 27 March since payroll finalization occurs on 23 March.  
    • The member must reenlist on or before the SPO data entry cutoff date (18 March 2015).

When counseling members on reenlistment/extension/re-extension, it is imperative that P&A Offices/SPOs refer to the payroll calendar to ensure the contract is executed prior to the SPO data entry/approval cutoff date for the pay calendar in which the end of enlistment falls.

Reminder:  Per 1.B.7.b.(4) Military Separations, COMDTINST M1000.4 (series), commanding officers are authorized to separate members three or fewer months before the normal separation date for the purpose of immediate reenlistment.

SPO Notification/Action

PPC Separations (SEP) ensures all expected active duty termination date payroll errors are clear prior to payroll finalization  SPO's will receive an email from PPC-PF-SEP@uscg.mil indicating immediate action is needed and will follow up with any additional actions needed throughout the applicable pay calendar.  These actions must be completed by the SPO data entry cutoff date.

Approval after SPO Cutoff Date

If PPC (SEP) directs the approval of a separation or contract after the SPO cutoff date but before payroll finalization, SPOs must comply as the pending transaction causes a payroll error that prevents payroll from finalizing.

Separations Approvals

All separation orders must be approved by the SPO data entry/approval cutoff date of the member's departure from the unit.  Examples:

  • The separation orders for a member separating on 30 April  and departing on 25 March, must be approved not later than 18 March.
  • A separation order for a member separating on 30 April who is not taking terminal leave must be approved not later than 17 April.

NOTE: SPOs must manually stop CSEAPAY, CSEAPAY PREMIUM, OCOLA and SDAP for members taking terminal leave.

Unapproved Separations

If a separating member's separation is not approved, prior to payroll finalization, the member's final pay and allowances will be removed from the payroll cycle.

Final pay and allowances (including lump sum leave sell) will be delayed as it must be manually recomputed and added to an off cycle payment after payroll finalization.