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E-Mail ALSPO F/18; Direct Access (DA) Non-Chargeable Absence Functionality


ALSPO message F/18 announces new functionality in DA to record non-chargeable absences.

We are scheduled to migrate changes on leave (absence) submissions on the night of 20 September 2018. In order to incorporate the 2017 NDAA non-chargeable leave types (terms) (Per ACN 062/18, CH-7 to Military Assignments and Authorized Absences - Parental Leave), and to help prevent erroneous leave entries, there will be two links on the Self Service Requests pagelet.

  1. "Submit an Absence Request" will have Leave - INCONUS, Leave - OUTCONUS, Terminal Leave - INCONUS, and Terminal Leave - OUTCONUS.
  2. All the other non-chargeable absence types will be under "Non-Chargeable Absence Request".
leave types in DA
New Self-Service Menu in DA

P&D Section will provide a link to the procedural guide on our website. If you would like an advance read, here is the draft user guide.

CG PSC is required to make yearly reports to CG-1 through CG-13 on the types of non-chargeable absences AND the eligibility criteria. When submitting non-chargeable absences be sure to select the correct one. The types and eligibility criteria are listed on the procedural guide and in COMDTINST M1000.8 (series).