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Housing Flexibility for Certain Members With Dependents Undergoing a Permanent Change OF Station (PCS) Within the United States


ACN 109/18

ALCOAST COMMANDANT NOTICE                                     CANCEL DATE  30 SEP 2019

R 011405 OCT 18
UNCLAS //N07220//
ACN 109/18
A. FY 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (Public Law No. 115-91)
B. Military Family Stability Act (Title 37 U.S. Code 403a)
C. Coast Guard Pay Manual, COMDTINST M7220.29 (series)
D. Coast Guard Housing Manual, COMDTINST M11101.13 (series)
1. Purpose. This ACN implements policy concerning Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) and
housing assignment flexibility for certain members with dependents undergoing a permanent
change of station (PCS) within the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii).
2. Discussion. 
   A. REF (A) promulgated REF (B) for certain members with an effective PCS departure date
on or after 1 October 2018. REF (B) allows a member BAH or housing flexibility to support the
advanced or delayed travel of their dependents for certain reasons (see Paragraphs 3.A.(1)
thru (4) below) during the covered relocation period.
   B. Definitions:
      (1) "The United States" means the 50 states and the District of Columbia.
      (2) "Covered relocation period,” when used with respect to a PCS means the period that
begins 180 days prior to the effective PCS departure date and ends 180 days after the effective 
PCS departure.
3. Policy.
   A. A member with dependents in receipt of a PCS order within the United States may be
authorized BAH or housing flexibility during the covered relocation period based on one of
the following reasons:
      (1) Has a spouse who is gainfully employed or enrolled in a degree, certificate, or
license-granting program.
      (2) Has one or more dependents attending an elementary or secondary school.
      (3) Has one or more dependents enrolled in the Coast Guard Special Needs Program.
      (4) Has an immediate family member with a chronic or long-term illness at the
beginning of the covered relocation period for whom the member is caring.
   B. Housing flexibility options include:
      (1) Continuation of housing for the spouse and other dependents. If a spouse or other
dependent of a member whose request is approved resides in Government-owned or Government-leased
housing at the beginning of the covered relocation period, the spouse or other dependent may
continue to reside in such housing during the covered relocation period.
      (2) Early housing eligibility. If a spouse or other dependent of a member whose request
is approved is eligible to reside in Government-owned or Government-leased housing following the
member’s permanent change of station within the United States, the spouse or other dependent may
commence residing in such housing at any time during the covered relocation period.
      (3) Temporary use of Government owned or leased single-type housing intended for members
without a spouse or dependent. If a spouse or other dependent of a member relocates at a time
different from the member in accordance with an approved request, the member may be assigned
to Government-owned or Government-leased housing intended for the permanent housing of
members’ dependents until the member’s detachment date of the dependents’ arrival date, but
only if such Government-owned or Government-leased housing is available without displacing a
single member at such housing.
      (4) Equitable Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). The member’s dependent(s) may perform
PCS travel at a different time than the member once the PCS order has been issued. Unless
otherwise authorized or approved for a different location, the members housing allowance is
based on the PDS. However, an eligible member may request a housing allowance based on the
dependents location. If authorized or approved for dependents who relocate in advance or after
the member’s housing allowance may be based on one of the following:
          (a) The new PDS.
          (b) The dependents location when the member departs for the new PDS (only for the
period of time the dependents reside at that location).
          (c) The area of the members former PDS, but only if that area is different from the
area in which the spouse or other dependents reside. The member has departed their former PDS,
and the dependent remains in the residence shared with the member, and the member made a daily
commute to and from their former PDS.
   C. Eligibility Expiration. If the member’s eligibility expires for any reason during the
covered relocation period, that period is terminated and BAH is based at the PDS where the
member is assigned at that time. If the member departs the former PDS, and the dependents that
are the basis of the eligibility do not arrive at the new PDS within the covered relocation
period, the housing allowance is paid at the new PDS location rate beginning the day after
the relocation period ends.
   D. CG PSC-PSD-FS is the approving authority for housing and BAH flexibility requests.
Unless there is evidence of significant error or policy misinterpretation, CG PSC-PSD-FS
decisions are final and conclusive.
4. Procedures: Eligible members desiring housing or BAH flexibility consideration as
authorized in this ACN must complete and submit the Family Stability Act BAH/Housing Worksheet
(CG-7220H) to CG PSC-PSD-FS. The CG-7220H is located on the PPC forms and worksheets web site:
5. For general compensation policy questions send e-mail to Compensation@uscg.mil.
6. For general housing policy questions send e-mail to HQS-SMB-CG-Housing@uscg.mil.
7. This policy will be incorporated into future revisions to REFs (C) and (D), which will be
released within the next year.
8. Released by RDML M. W. Sibley, Acting Director of Reserve and Military Personnel.
9. Internet release authorized.