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Direct Access Outage Thursday, 19 Dec 0001 Hrs. to Tuesday, 31 Dec 2359 Hrs. (Eastern Time)

Direct Access (DA) will not be available for units, SPOs, members or retirees & annuitants from 0001 (EST) on Thursday, 19 December 2019 to 2359 on Tuesday, 31 December 2019 (EST). This outage is necessary to support 2020 pay rate and other regulatory changes. The self-service password reset feature will also be disabled during this outage.

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Government Travel Charge Card Program Updates


You are probably painfully aware the travel manager designation process is backlogged. We are still dealing with CITI transition issues and this new workload. We are working through new processes and doing the best we can with what we have.  While we are backlogged in getting valid designations completed, please share with your new TMs we are not processing documents where there are imbedded files in the TPAX form. We are not staffed to extract and sort through these files. Please ensure documents submitted contain at least 4-6 pages which include the command endorsed request memo (most are alternates and not primary TMs-only one primary per hierarchy), LMS GMT, GSA transcript for A/OPC (not account holder), and the TPAX form. These must be in a single PDF. If something is missing, it will not be processed.  Once the designation process is complete on our end, the new TM will get an email from CITI to log in.

Our challenges with the travel manager roster have been worked out. The TM roster is now available through CG Portal so the use of the CAC is required to access this.    https://cg.portal.uscg.mil/units/psc/psc-bops/GTCC%20Library/Forms/AllItems.aspx   We realize this is not up to date but this is the best we can provide at the moment.  You should still be able to use the EMPLID look up feature to identify where a member's hierarchy may be.  Again, while this is not current, you can at least identify a few TMS within the member's hierarchy for their former or current unit.  Check this routinely for updates.  This is the best we have for now.

Direct Access is still not updated with CITIManager data. Any information found in DA is from JPMC and prior to 5/6/19.  Do not use DA as a report feature to determine who does or does not have a card. We continue to work with CITI and DHS to get what we need to load this data for you, your cardholders and commands.

We still struggle with card applicants and commands notifying us that the application process is not working.  It does work.  The email address in the process has changed!  Be sure to use the current application instruction posted to the GTCC site. Do not use locally stored or shared instructions for this process.  Please push this to your field units and help reduce the number of inquiries we get on this topic.  https://www.dcms.uscg.mil/Our-Organization/Assistant-Commandant-for-Human-Resources-CG-1/Personnel-Service-Center-PSC/BOPS/PSC-BOPS-R/GOVTrvl/Travel_Card/#How_do_I_get_a_Government_Travel_Card

CITI bank statements are delivered electronically to cardholders, not via paper. This option can be changed by having the cardholder log in to CITIMANAGER and update their statement deliver options. If you have cardholders advising they did not receive a statement, please advise them to log in to home.cards.citidirect.com and update their statement deliver preference.  If the address is not correct, unlike JPMC, the cardholder can make an address update in CITI themselves.

There is an app available for CITIBank but is only downloadable after the cardholder logs into their online account.  Their online account profile information will be needed to unlock this app.  Look for the app called CITIMANAGER, not CITI.  CITIMANAGER app is for the Government card account, not a personal CITI card account.

Yes, this is a long email since there is not time to produce a pretty newsletter.  Please keep this as a reference for now until we can get together better documents for you to help you do your job and make it easier.

Thanks for all you do to help us support the program.  Be sure to reach out to use for questions and remember to always protect PII.

USCG Gov't Travel Card Programs
Personnel Service Center-Business Operations US Coast Guard Stop 7200
2703 Martin Luther King JR AVE SE
Washington DC 20593-7200