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In observance of Memorial Day, the Pay & Personnel Center’s (PPC) offices, including the PPC Call Center, will be closed on Monday, May 30, 2022. All PPC applications will remain available during the holiday, and payroll/personnel processing will continue as normally scheduled.

Please submit all PPC Customer Care tickets to ppc-dg-customercare@uscg.mil during this time.

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Pay & Personnel News Updates from our Branches

Fiscal Year 2022 Reserve Additional Training Period (ATP) and Additional Flying/Flight ATP Allocations


ALCOAST 320/21

R 091722Z SEP 21
ALCOAST 320/21
SSIC 1570
B. Reserve Duty Status and Participation Manual, COMDTINST M1001.2 
C. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series)
D. Personnel and Pay Procedures Manual, PPCINST M1000.2 (series)
E. Financial Resource Management Manual (FRMM), COMDTINST M7100.3 
1. This ALCOAST announces FY22 Reserve Additional Training Period 
(ATP) and Additional Flying and Flight Training Period (AFTP) 
allocations and to amplify guidance in REF (A). Policies and 
management responsibilities outlined in REFs (A) through (E), 
and other Reserve related instructions and manuals apply.
2. ATPs: Only Selected Reserve (SELRES) members assigned to Port 
Security Units (PSUs), Naval Coastal Riverine Squadrons (CORIVRONs), 
and Naval Coastal Riverine Groups (CORIVGRUs) are authorized to 
perform ATPs with pay in FY22 (01 October 21 to 30 September 22) 
without an approved waiver from COMDT (CG-R82). 
3. AFTPs: Only SELRES officers assigned to aviation positions on 
a flight status, are authorized to perform AFTPs with pay in FY22 
without an approved waiver from COMDT (CG-R82). AFTPs are authorized 
IAW REF (B) for primary aircrew members conducting aircrew training, 
to attain and maintain aircrew flying proficiency, and to sustain 
required readiness. AFTPs must be scheduled as ATPs in Direct 
4. SELRES members not assigned to PSUs, CORIVRONs, CORIVGRUs, or 
aviation positions on a flight status must not schedule ATPs or 
AFTPs. Supervisors of SELRES members must not approve paid ATPs 
in Direct Access without an authorized ATP or AFTP allocation as 
outlined in Paragraph 6 below or an approved waiver from COMDT 
(CG-R82). Waivers must be submitted to POCs as outlined in 
Paragraph 9 of REF (A). SELRES members and supervisors share 
equal responsibility to prevent unauthorized ATP and AFTPs.
5. AFTPs must be scheduled in Direct Access as ATPs. All ATPs 
must be scheduled in Direct Access on or before 30 June 2022, 
IAW REF (A). Unauthorized paid ATP or AFTP usage must be tracked 
in Direct Access and commands of SELRES members with unauthorized 
ATPs or AFTPs must be notified. Once a command is notified of, 
or discovers unauthorized ATP or AFTP usage, the unauthorized 
ATP or AFTP must be cancelled or corrected in Direct Access to 
reflect IDT. When correcting paid ATPs or AFTPs, commands must 
use the 'Correcting Paid IDT Drills' Direct Access User Guide 
and coordinate corrections with their servicing SPO.
6. FY22 ATP and AFTP Allocations.
   a. PSU, CORIVRON, and CORIVGRU commands may allocate ATPs 
to assigned SELRES members as needed to meet unit training 
requirements. Individual members must be initially assigned 
no more than 12 ATPs in FY22. After training plans are adjudicated 
by local commands, and with PAC-13 approval, unused ATPs may be 
reallocated to members within the same command who have used 
their 12 ATPs and need additional training periods to complete 
remaining training requirements. Each PSU, CORIVRON, and CORIVGRU 
must not exceed the following amount of ATPs:
      (1) PSUs: 1,680
      (2) CORIVRONs: 100
      (3) CORIVGRUs: 100
   b. Commands with SELRES officers assigned in aviation billets 
on a flight status may allocate up to 48 AFTPs for assigned 
SELRES officers. To be eligible for AFTPs, a SELRES officer 
must be assigned to an aviation billet and on a flight status. 
COMDT (CG-711), in conjunction with COMDT (CG-R82), must work 
with field units to ensure AFTP usage does not exceed the total 
AFTP allocation of 1,152.
   c. Boat force ATP allocation will be provided SEPCOR. COMDT 
(CG-731), in conjunction with COMDT (CG-R82), must work with 
field units to determine ATPs needed to ensure SELRES members 
are able to gain and maintain required qualifications and 
   d. Batching of ATPs or AFTPs is authorized with command 
7. ATP and AFTPs must be scheduled to be performed after all 
authorized IDT drills are used. ATP and AFTPs requested after 
30 June 2022 require a waiver from COMDT (CG-R82) IAW with 
paragraph 9 or REF (A).
8. Area/DOL/District (dxr)/PAC-13 POCs listed in REF (A) are 
responsible for managing the administration of this message 
across their areas of responsibility. 
9. COMDT (CG-R82) Point of Contact: CDR Brandi E. Bruno, 
(202) 475-5439.
10. RADM James M. Kelly, Assistant Commandant for Reserve 
(CG-R), sends.
11. Internet release is authorized.