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WebNow Upgraded to "Perceptive Experience" - New Link

Effective September 17, 2021, WebNow will be upgraded to "Perceptive Experience". This upgrade only impacts the “view only” or web version – which is currently called WebNow, but is being upgraded to “Perceptive Experience”. New user access requests do not need to be completed. Users who previously logged into the WebNow link will now log into the Perceptive Experience URL using their old WebNow user ID and PW. This upgrade does not impact Perceptive Content, which is used for uploading documents. The SPO Access to the Electronically Im​aged PDR (EI‑PDR) user guide has been updated to reflect the upgrade. The URL for Perceptive Experience is https://imgprd01.direct-access.uscg.mil/experience. They system cannot be accessed outside of the Coast Guard network using the URL. The URL is not needed when accessing Perceptive Experience via Direct-Access.

Pay & Personnel News Updates from our Branches

November 2020 SWE Advancement Eligibility List Revised


Per ALCGENL 075/21, (below) the revised November 2020 Servicewide Exam (SWE) Advancement Eligibility List is now available on PPC's (ADV) CGPortal page  (CAC enabled, logon required) via this link: 

https://cg.portal.uscg.mil/units/ppc/Enlisted%20Advancement%20Lists/2020/ (CAC enabled, logon required)

The November 2020 SWE Advancement Eligibility List does not include EMPLIDs, but please remind members not to publish the list on internet or social media sites. 

Advancement Cutoffs

Advancement Statistics

R 021429Z JUN 21
ALCGENL 075/21
A. CG PSC-EPM Memo 1430 of 19 JAN 2021
B. ALCGENL 028/21
1. A subsequent review of Ref A revealed errors in the process by which Direct
Access calculates sea service points. The scope of members directly impacted by 
this error was limited to those currently assigned to or having previously served 
onboard newly commissioned National Security Cutters - MUNRO, KIMBALL and MIDGETT.
This error was corrected and appropriate sea service points were credited to 
applicable members. As a result, Ref A is cancelled.
2. This error directly impacted 93 members. Extensive analysis determined that no
additional members were directly impacted by this error, though other members
could be indirectly impacted by placement corrections. Of those directly impacted,
26 members were above the current cut published in Ref B and remain above the cut. 
The other 67 members directly impacted were below the cut and remain below the cut. 
All members above the cut, regardless of whether they were impacted by this error, 
remain above the cut. All members below the cut, regardless of whether they were 
impacted this error, remain below the cut.
3. CG PSC-EPM will publish an updated November 2020 SWE Advancement Eligibility List. 
It is imperative that Commands and SWE participants review the updated November 2020
SWE Advancement Eligibility List upon release to determine their corrected placement.
4. For questions or concerns, commands may contact CG Pay and Personnel Center at: 
5. CAPT J. A. Carter, Chief, Enlisted Personnel Management Division, CG Personnel 
Service Center, sends.
6. Internet release authorized.