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We are experiencing intermittent issues with our telephone system. If you call and immediately receive a busy signal, contact us by e-mail to PPC-DG-CustomerCare@uscg.mil.

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Direct Access will not be available from Monday, December 19, 2022 at 23:01 (CST ) until Tuesday, January 3, 2022, at 22:59 (CST). This outage is necessary to ensure members' pay and benefits are updated to reflect the 2023 pay rates and other regulatory changes, which include COLA, BAH, and tax rates. See ALCOAST 455/22 for more information.


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ETQC Training Advisory 005-22, Guidance for A and C School Travelers and Command Representatives




  1. Direct Access (DA) Training Administration System (TAS) has been reactivated following the successful conversion of Financial Systems Modernization Solution (FSMS) accounting data for FY22 "A" & "C" School orders. Although the system is online, the interface between DA, FSMS, and ETS is experiencing unforeseen complications in the processing of "A" & "C" School orders. Some of these complications are:
    1. Some orders may fail the funds check and obligation protocol required for successfully creating system generated open authorizations (OA) in E-Gov Travel Service (ETS).
    2. Orders are posting with in an "Awaiting $" status and/or not populating to unit airport terminals.
    3. OAs are not posting to ETS, and/or travelers are receiving numerous errors when attempting to process travel claims using the system generated open authorizations in ETS.
    Therefore, additional actions are required in the interim to ensure members are able to access their orders and secure travel arrangements.
  2. VIEWING/ PRINTING TRAINING ADMINISTRATION ORDERS: A printable PDF of "A" & "C" School orders must be retrieved for booking reservations and executing travel. Dependent upon the DA user role, unit Personnel and Administration (P&A) Offices and Command Users can access "A" & "C" School orders using the following steps in DA:
    1. Via "Training Admin - Enrollment 🠦 FSMS Training Admin Orders", via Orders 🠦 Airport Terminal, or via "Self Service for Commands 🠦 Use 🠦  Command Information." Travelers may also access this information via "Employee 🠦  Tasks "My Airport Terminal."
    2. To populate orders currently experiencing funding errors, users much SELECT "Awaiting $" in the "Order Status" drop-down. Select the order desired, and the "Training Admin Order" tab will display. To print, SELECT "Print Order from the "Order Action" drop-down, and SELECT "Go". A complete guide can be found at https://www.dcms.uscg.mil/Portals/10/CG-1/PPC/GUIDES/TAS/Viewing%20and%20Printing%20Training%20Administration%20Orders.pdf.
  3. BOOK TRAVEL BY CALLING CWTSATO: Effective immediately and until further notice, all "A" & "C" School travelers must revert to using the full service option for all travel reservations by calling CWTSato at 800-753-7286; EL SOL (USCG ALASKA) 844-977-1157 or collect 210-877-3302. International travelers (calling from outside the US) can only call CWTSato using a collect call to 210-877-3302. In cases where travelers do not have an active Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC), use of the centrally billed account (CBA) is authorized. Travelers will be required to submit orders via fax or email. If a member elects to email orders, standard password protection features should be utilized or PII should be removed.
  4. DO NOT USE THE ONLINE BOOKING TOOL:  "A" & "C" School travel reservations must NOT be made using the online booking tool at this time. The basic set-up in ETS associates travelers with their unit’s financial account. Travel reservations made via the online booking tool, prior to the system generated OA posting in ETS, will result in charges to the unit funds account and violate the limitations set forth in the Financial Resource Management Manual, COMDTINST M7100.3E.
  5. DO NOT TAKE ACTION IN ETS:  Upon completion of "A" & "C" School travel, do not attempt to manually create an authorization or voucher in ETS. At this time, settlements for "A" & "C" School travel can only be processed in ETS using the system generated open authorization. "A" & "C" School travelers must wait until all challenges are resolved to take action in ETS. Once associated obligations are successfully processed through FSMS, a system generated Open Authorization (OA) will post in ETS.
  6. ORDER BEGIN/ END DATE ADJUSTMENTS: If upon review of official travel orders it is determined additional travel time is required to accommodate a specific travel itinerary, unavoidable travel limitations, or Remain Overnight (RON) requirement, units must submit an official Order Begin/End Date Change Request to the applicable scheduling office.
    1. PSC-EPM-2 is the scheduling office for all "A" School orders. "A" School Order Begin/End Date Change Requests must be sent to HQS-SMB-CGPSC-EPM-ASCHOOLREQUESTS@uscg.mil Requests will only be accepted from P&A Offices and/or unit Command Cadre.
    2. CG ETQC is the scheduling office for all "C" School orders. "C" School Order Begin/End Date Change Requests must be sent to CMD-SMB-CG-ETQC@uscg.mil Requests will only be accepted from P&A Offices and/or unit Command Cadre. Note: This is a Shared Mail Box (SMB) and emails will only process through the CG official email system from other CMD-SMBs.
    3. CGRC is the scheduling office for all "DCO" and "OCS" School orders. "DCO" and "OCS" Begin/End Date Change Requests must be sent to CGR-SMB-PARTS@uscg.mil Requests will only be accepted from P&A Offices and/or unit Command Cadre.
  7. ACTUAL COST ADJUSTMENTS: FORCECOM Support Team (FST) is working with PSC-EPM-2 and CG ETQC to process the backlog of travel orders, amendments, and cancellations received during the FSMS/ DA migration period. Following travel execution and if the actual "A" & "C" School travel costs exceed the order estimate, request a cost adjustment by sending a copy of the official travel order and the travel voucher summary to HQS-SMB-A-C-SchoolTravelClaimAdjustment@uscg.mil. These cost adjustments will be on hold until all FSMS challenges are resolved. When resolved, expect delay - Limited personnel process all "A" & "C" School cost adjustments, and requests will be processed in order of receipt.
  8. CG ETQC requests the widest dissemination of this message, including distributing to subordinate commands, servicing pay offices, authorizing officials, and unit training officers.
  9. Urgent concerns can be addressed to each of the order issuing authorities at:
    1. CG ETQC Customer Service Phone Number: (757) 366-6583.
    2. PSC-EPM-2 Contact Information: PSC-EPM - Non-Rate Contact Page (CG Portal link. CAC login required.).
    3. CGRC Contact Information: CGR-SMB-PARTS@uscg.mil.
  10. Questions regarding this advisory can be answered by CWO Jennifer C. Wilhite at Jennifer.C.Wilhite@uscg.mil.